What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

Unbelievable - EMF

The random sound bytes that play during this song are way funnier than they should be.
I didn't like their last single that much, but this one's a lot better and the music video is funny. Their next album is looks like it'll be a mixed bag from what I can tell
A Peach music playlist:
and this beauty:
Found this one randomly on the radio today. Finally a song about being too sleepy

This is my favorite music video of all time and the song goes hard too.
Yay new Dua Lipa album out today! (although yes I know this song came out a few months ago). I will admit that I like it more than Taylor Swift's new album
Natalie - Bruno Mars

My dad found this song during a game of Whatsamusic once. I sure do wonder why it stuck with me.
How can you not spontaneously want to dance after listening to this song
Yes. True masterpiece.
Solitaire - Laura Branigan

The fact that this song only made it to #7 on the Hot 100 is a crime. It's one of my favorite songs of all time and definitely deserved to go higher.
How dare he roast the Nintendo 64 for freezing too much
This one might just be my favorite single yet from their upcoming album (releasing tomorrow?!?), I'm excited for it possibly being more of a pop album
This one might just be my favorite from their new album, it blends alt rock, hip hop and 2020s pop into something really unique