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Hey, nice work on the article! I corrected a few minor things here and there, the most major thing I did was trimming the story section, but it should be ready to be featured. Wish I have that kind of energy again to work on articles like that lol.
I don't own the game, though >_>
About time we had a new Featured Article up, amazing job!
Would Mario Kart Tour be eligible for the featuring treatment once the Updates section is expanded? Everything else in the article is stuffed with intricate information and good formatting. The intro summarizes the game's mechanics and returning features pretty well (akin to Mario Kart 64), and I'll invoke the Reception section too, written by ours truly Ray Trace and Doomhiker which should speak volumes about its good quality. This article, along with all related articles, is the most comprehensive place to learn about Mario Kart Tour on the internet. If anyone wants to know the game's drivers, karts, their tires (which are completely irrelevant to the gameplay but nice to have listed), obstacles, previous tours, and precise internal data and calculations among many more, they can simply be redirected to this page.

I'm asking here first since this would be the first case of a featured article on this wiki to require constant bimonthly attention, or else the article would fail at what it sets out to do.
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The color choices for the tables in the Challenges section result in low contrast (especially multiplayer challenges that has white text against a light background). We probably need to create better contrast for accessibility. Additionally, the table formatting is likely not accessible in mobile format, but I don't know if that's high priority or not, but we likely will need to compress the amount of columns we use for those tables. The Tires section lacks images and there is a construction template for the differences between power-saving and normal mode, so that's incomplete. It's quite a mammoth page and it'll only get slowly bigger, so I feel sometime, a page split is imminent, so I'd hold off unless we do have someone dedicated to updating this, which we appear to have? Anyhow, I haven't actually proofread the section and the overwhelming size of the page makes it difficult to take away much information, though I feel the convoluted design of the game is just a given.
The thing preventing the page from being FAed is the numerous improvement tags. The updates section needing expansion, the tires needing more images, the "Differences in power-saving mode" section being under construction. The article needing regular updates isn't a big deal though - there are several users who regularly update it every tour.
I admit I didn't see the improvement tags. They've been removed from view for guest users, and I wasn't logged in last time I took a glance at the page...
I'll agree with what LGM said. Honestly at this point, the article will need to get cut up because the amount of content in the article is getting a bit overwhelming. It's a good candidate to be featured, otherwise, and I wouldn't be 100% opposed to it. But as it's still getting updates, I think we should do the wait and see approach to it before we nominate to feature it.
I swore I might have done something like that but it appears I didn't.

I like how the article looks so far, and it's a unique nomination among our gallery of featured articles! I do have one minor issue with it however, but if that's fix, then you have my support!
This is a Featured Article thread so I might as well say this: I find it hilarious that Mario Party 9 and Paper Mario: Sticker Star, two games hated by pretty much everyone around the world, are Featured Articles. Ironic, is it not?
Yoshi's New Island is featured too, I think it got featured before SMW2.

Mario's Early Years Preschool Fun was on my target list but....
Behold the newest Featured Article on the Mario Wiki (and the first for 2024): Rabbid Rosalina!


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