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That rule should have been dead and edited out A LONG TIME AGO

I do not want to keep that article up to be featured with an intro like that.
I'm a bit sleepy right now so forgive me if I haven't gone into much depth.

The Super Mario Bros. 3 section should definitely be rewritten. It's written as if it was a narrative with sentences such as "In battle, Ludwig goes into his shell and tries to roll into Mario. Though fast and capable of making stunning earthquakes and magic blasts, Ludwig is defeated and his control over Pipe Land comes to an end." that is definitely a no. The rest of the article may have similar writing problems such as that. New Super Mario Bros. Wii's section is written ideally for Super Mario Bros. 3.

DiC cartoons section can use an expansion and rewrite (for better writing quality) for Ludwig's roles in each episode he appears in.

I think the formatting for the Mario & Luigi section can definitely use some improvement. Don't like the giant gaping blank spaces there.

Mario Kart 8 section could detail his different stats in comparison to other characters in his weight class, as well as talk about his CPU kart preferences.

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition could use an expansion.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games can use more details surrounding his stats, explaining what a high skill stat means.

Paper Mario: Color Splash section could use a rewrite here and there, I find it difficult to follow it.

Other Appearances I feel doesn't separate headers for each minor appearance Ludwig has made in the game.

Gallery is an empty section, can't have that.

Aaaaaand that might be it.
Sorry, the article still needs a lot of work before we can feature it. I can't support it in that state.
Yeah I had do. I want to feature this article as much as you do (I love FA activity in general) but there's still a lot of work to do before it becomes FA-worthy!
2018 is off to a great start, now with two new articles on their way of being featured, Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to be featured.

Hell, even Super Mario Run, though I'm guessing will probably fail before all flaws of it will get fixed, looks to be looking really good so far and would have its flaws fixed at this rate.
Baby Luigi said:
Maybe this will give my twin motivation to return editing???
Nah, it won't.
Baby Luigi said:
I'm a bit sad to see an article my twin worked hard on taken down.

I actually thought of LeftyGreenMario's effort when I posted the unfeature nomination, as I knew she featured it previously. Yes, it's a pity to see the article go like that. Everything besides the Worlds section is very substantial. :)

LeftyGreen, by the way, how did you manage to leave the wiki so quickly and so decisively? I want that too.
It's more of an over time decision, just the guilt baggage I was carrying around eventually caught up to me so I just eventually left.

I'm more focused on another wiki though.
you should try to try to rewrite and then feature the barrel article ;)

but overall, highly appreciate the effort and I do hope one day, the other Mario vs. Kondey Bong can be refeatured.
The barrel, poor barrel... Something must be done about it for sure. In fact, I got quite started by removing the unnecessary info about the bongos. Do you think the article needs a table with all derivative types of barrels and descriptions, so that we could remove the lazy excuse in the intro?

And I can assure you that Alex95 is onto bringing Mario vs. Kidney Dong back to its former shine, with all the levels and stuff. Don't rush his art!

As a side note, it's quite satisfactory that the MvDK series of pages is finally receiving an overhaul. Who's with me on this?
The article can have a subsection about its derivative appearances, with a short description for each of them, perhaps similar to Koopa (species), though not as extensive of course. The cruft in the intro can certainly be cut, leaving with just "Many variations of the normal barrel appear in the games, and a list where each of them is mentioned can be found below." and you can also make a short nonspecific mention of minor additional appearances (such as in the background of the Chateau Chucklehuck) just in the opening paragraph.
I'm in the process to nominate Ness as a Featured Article on MarioWiki (as I think the state of his article is better than Ganondorf's, who is currently a featured article) but I know there are several things I'm aware of.

This proposal recently got passed that changed how we cover Smash material again, and I have an idea on how to reintegrate Special Moves back into the character's respective articles. But before I partake on that, I need an okay from Time Turner or maybe another member of the staff to get started on it.

Additionally, I'll probably get around to uploading recolored variations of him stolen from SmashWiki for his gallery page.