'Shroom Spotlight

Maybe one of the regional coin lists from Odyssey could get some focus in the next one? Luncheon is unfinished, and both Seaside and Bowser's don't have articles yet.
We can definitely try. I think I remember trying for Luncheon Kingdom once and sadly untouched, but no reason a few months down the line we'd be getting the same result.

And speaking of same results, wait no, this is an entirely new Spotlight section, so nothing here is the same.

Iceburn Circuit (wanted article)
Gold Goomba (section-stub)
Wobby Bobbly (rewrite-expand)
Super Mario Galaxy (long trivia)
Mexico City (more images needed)
Konga Coliseum (citation needed)
Could I suggest this image get a spotlight? File:ShadyToad.jpg

I uploaded this image and likely obtained it as a screenshot of a YouTube video; that's why it looks a bit janky, and especially so since it's not under the Nintendo 3DS native resolution of 400 × 240.
Thanks for the suggestion! Luckily I hadn't bought that vacuum yet on my save file, I went and captured a new screenshot.

It's possible this is an image from a press kit, though I can't verify myself. If that's the case, I think the source can just say something like "press kit" like other images on the wiki.
No idea if this thread is still particularly used often, but it is still linked on the most recent Shroom Spotlight, so here goes nothin'.

Something I've noticed is that a lot of the articles on the People navbox, specifically on the "game development" side of things, are either complete redlinks and need to be made, or are stubs for one reason or another (lack of infobox, article lead barely clarifies anything even for the barest minimum, the works) that have been untouched for years. Heck, out of the articles that have gone the longest without editing, the top culprits are either "List of <game> staff" pages (which, admittedly, are fairly low-maintenance by default)... and the articles for various stub developers themselves.

This, admittedly, might be a project far too wide-scope for Shroom Spotlight, but it's something I noticed and wanted to bring attention to.
That moment when you're about to submit another Shroom Spotlight suggestion. and the last post in the suggestion thread is you in the past... Is that bad??? We're sorry if this is technically doubleposting!

Anyways, we've got movie sign! List of references in film has been wanting some images from where the various references occur in awhile when the reference is, indeed, visual-based. If not for The Shroom Spotlight, than to hopefully make the latest image added to that article be from a movie that's hopefully better than the one we watched and added as part of a bad movie night... ;P
Minecraft has a lot of texture swaps in the Super Mario Mash-up Pack, but... What do they actually look like? While mobs have the majority of their images, blocks have very few images and items have almost zero images; tools in particular have no images at all, and tools, weapons, decoration, redstone, miscellaneous items, and basically everything in the HUD all lack any images at all!
Suggesting basically anything that's a red link on Template:SMBW levels for wanted article (preferably a main course?). Probably not great to have so many level articles for a mainline game still missing almost 4 months in.

Oh man! I haven't created any Super Mario Bros. Wonder course articles in over a month. I guess the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope soundtrack had me occupied. I need to get back to making those!
Sorry for making another comment so soon, but articles relating to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 are desperately needed. I think that game might be forgotten… but know this! Anyone can make a difference! I've done so myself for Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope!
Despite being one of the most ubiquitous gaming concepts, Point has been in a very dire state for awhile--it was literally just a block of paragraphs a few days ago! While a rewrite is thankfully in progress, what adjustments can't fix is the lack of information and images on many games. If you've been looking for an excuse to help study oddly specific game mechanics, be it by providing images or keeping track of the famed Number That Go Up, this could be your big score! (Teehee.)
Don't worry, this one's simple; Rawk Hawk has a rather proportionately long Trivia section waiting to be RAWKED! With the incoming TTYD remaster, there's no time like the present to send all that trivia soaring to places it belongs better!
I'm not part of The 'Shroom but I have a suggestion: I think something from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 could be a Wanted Article. There's so much that needs to be complete and I don't have the game or know much about it. I think people have forgotten about it…
Report on the missable coin pile in the Luncheon Kingdom. Well, first off here is the coin pile before the first multi moon.

And here it is after the first multi moon and before the second multi moon.

And here it is after the second multi moon just to be sure that it doesn't reappear.

And if you are wondering if I collected these coins, I did not. Thus this is proof that it is correct.
A better/more images suggestion we stumbled upon while bashing "random page": Frankenstein's Monster has a rather fuzzy, low-quality image that doesn't do a good job of showing the ol' green guy, and according to its talk page, it's been under scrutiny since 2010--and the image itself has been untouched since 2007! A grave situation indeed, someone ought to either get more pictures or at least improve the current one; anything's better than this mash!