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There might be a new Spotlight co-host, but you still have to put up with me on the forums :P Last month was a very successful outing, especially for a themed month, so let's try and keep the focus up with our six perfectly curated Spotlight aims, drawing from places like the Paper Mario and Donkey Kong series, as well as technology, and the Super Mario series.

Legendary Hammer (wanted article)
Flavio (rewrite)
Small Mario (rewrite-expand)
e-Reader (citation)
Pepper (more images needed)
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For e-Reader:

Thanks to User ChompworksEngineer, we have a source for it never releasing in Europe and I provided a source for it's release date in Japan and added Wikipedia's date to America. But I am not sure about the discontinued dates. We don't know about games in Europe not having the support either. Now onto the last citation needed. Interestingly, the Mario Kart: Super Circuit page has it in the trivia section with a source, and this is different wording that the e-Reader page. But here's the thing. The source leads to a page that gives a 404 Error. So, we should fix that source while we are at it.
Edit: ChompworksEngineer found a release date source for America
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The Nintendo DS citations will be no easy feat. It looks to be about 1,000 edits on that page starting on January 4, 2006. But I will be looking into it this month. As for Wikipedia, it uses something as a source for a 2013 discontinue date, but looking at the source, it's not real proof of it. The source basically said that Nintendo wanted people to upgrade from the DS to 3DS. That doesn't constitute a discontinue date. But with the 3DS discontinued, it seems fair to say the original DS was discontinued. As discontinued means that they are no longer making that product, not that it isn't not sold anywhere. In either case, Baby Luigi (on Fire)/Ray Trace did add in a source for DS Lite.
It's really tough to research discontinuation dates for the original DS online. Searching it would lead to 3DS discontinuation results, so you're forced to input "-3ds" in the search bar. But even past that, it talks about DS Lite discontinuation for the most part, and there's little to no info I could find about original DS history.

Not even Wikipedia's discontinuation date uses a good source. It's written as "2013" and while it does attempt to be sourced, the actual source does not talk about Nintendo DS continuation at all but rather talks about how supported the 3DS is. Whoever edited that in Wikipedia didn't even try to read their source. If you're wondering the source was added in by a user who has a history of poor-sourcing, vandalism, and sockpuppeting. By the way, Nintendo Wiki regurgitates that date without a source too and it was added in 2015 by a user who has made only one contribution to the site. I'm going to guess the Wikipedia date takes it off there...? It had a citation needed tag on Wikipedia for a very long time.

Bulbapedia lists a date, early 2007, but that's unsourced as well. That was when the GameCube was discontinued so that's a dubious year. The edit in question was added in by a user who has made only three contributions to the site and had never been questioned, not on the talk page, not on the article's talk page, nowhere.

A lot of wiki sites (wikiwand, Mario Kart Racing, MarioWiki.fandom, Nintendo.Fandom, The Multimedia Encyclopedia) are parroting the January 31, 2014 date (potential plagiarism), all unsourced, and I think they're assuming that DS games are coming to Virtual Console, that means the system is discontinued...? It's after the DS Lite date, long after the phat was superceded by the Lite so.

I've had sources of Nintendo ending DS Phat repairs in 2016, but that's not exactly a discontinuation.

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The DSi being announced on 10-2-08 seems likely, as that info was added on that day. But I don't see anything that looks like a source. As for the discontinue date for DS. Warning. It is quite long:
On March 1, 2011, SWFlash added a 2009 discontinue date saying in the summary, "It was discounted since DSi was released" SWFlash hasn't been on since 2014. This was the first time it was mentioned with the exception of Wario No Need a discontinuation date of 2010 or 2011 in 2010, but there was no proof and was removed. On April 24, 2011, Mario54671 changed dis to 2011 with this in the summary: "The DS Lite wasn't technically wasn't discontinued until recently. http://www.holyfragger.com/handhelds/nintendo_ds/news/?a=2089" Which is DS Lite only. Although, it does mention that the original was on the market for less than 3 years, suggesting a 2007 date. Plankton5165 added (NDS only) on April 28, 2011. Then "Dis=Nintendo DS: 2011<br>Nintendo DS Lite: Not Yet" the next day. Mariowikijp changed dis to phat 2009 and Lite 2011. June 30, 2013 had an IP vandal messing with the dis dates for DSi and DSi XL, but were removed. Another on July 7, 2013 who removed all of the release and replaced with 1-1-1981 and had dis 1-1-2009. Sugarlover was another vandal that was like the first, but on Sep 29, 13. It was removed because it wasn't 2016 yet. Another IP put 2013 on May 19, 14. Another IP removed dis all together on Nov 7, 15. General Xerneas added it back in on May 16, 2016. Another IP made it 15 on August 19, 16, but was reverted the next day. Then Marole3 on that day made it 2014, according to Wikipedia, but was also reverted. ON Sep 19, 16, another IP made it 2014. On June 27, 2017, Tryloubliss changed it to this: "'''Nintendo DS:''' 2009<br>'''Nintendo DS Lite:''' 2011<br>'''Nintendo DSi/Nintendo DSi XL:''' 2014". On Dec 23, 2019, CaillouFan changed the first to 2013, citing the same source as Wikipedia. It was reverted the next day, where the ref neededs were added to all by Mario jc. On March 16, 20, Octoling Rendevous removed DSi from the info box. On August 31, 20, another IP changed first to 2011, but was reverted. This was all before Ray Trace added a date to Lite.
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Underground Pokey Patrol actually didn't have sufficient information when it was marked as completed: the layout section wasn't detailed enough and it lacked Smiley Flower location. I've addressed this issues however.

As for the Stop & Go Barrel, it's so incredibly hard to find a GBA manual pdf for Donkey Kong Country online (it often gets conflated with SNES and GBC versions which have manuals that are easy to find online) that I just sorta gave up looking for it. I even found manuals for the GBA versions of DKC2 and DKC3 on my favorite pirate site and others, but some other sites are too fishy for me to risk downloading or even visiting further. So...I'm just gonna wait until someone who actually does own the manual come along and adds it in, because the last resort option is purchasing it and sorry, not dropping bucks just for it.
Noted on Discord, but I have the GBA DKC manual. I'm able to confirm that the Stop & Go Barrel quote is from page 17, specifically. I formatted it the same way the comparable quote on TNT Barrel is formatted, but let me know if I need to do anything else or if you need anything more from the manual.
Uh yeah, it's so incredibly difficult to get capture-quality multiplayer screenshots, since melonDS is the only emulator that even supports local play and even then it's finnicky and glitchy and I think requires specific setups in order for it to work properly.
Would it be okay if Mario Discovery (series) was in the Spotlight for the issue after the next (#168)? I'd touch up the article myself, but the information on the series as a whole is spotty at best, and so I could really use a more talented group of editors to help out.
Is it possible it can be created under a different name, since afaik "Theme" seems to refer to the specific extended arrangement in DKC, not the original song (being the "theme" for DKC, not DK). I think "Opening (Donkey Kong)" would be more fitting since it's the name used in Brawl, SSB4 and Ultimate referring to the original title theme it's an arrangement of (it's also the most recent).
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