The Sonic General Thread (Team Sonic Racing Released!)


I actually found the game at my local Virgin store, but I didn't buy it because of the state of my work right now. Maybe I'll buy it when my school grades improve a bit.

After all, Virgin sells it at "only" 57$.


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Revenant Archagent said:
Tell us what you think when it gets there, because if it's good I will definitely check it out
I can safely say I enjoy this game quite a bit.

Though first I should probably mention a few things. I have not tried online yet, that isn't just because of all the bugginess that's apparently going on with it but also I don't often play online multiplayer that often anyhow for any game. But if you're getting this game to mainly play with others that aren't around locally either wait for a patch that fixes the online issues or feel free to wait much longer for this one. Because for now most of the bugs going around are for the most part in online play.

The meat of the game is very much in the team play, but individual races can be pretty fun too. The story mode is nice and simple, though keep in mind there are times in both story and if you play team races alone where your AI teammates don't perform very well and prevent you from winning the race overall even if you yourself got first. Especially if you try playing the game on Expert and Super Expert difficulty where the AI of your teammates can be very dumb while your opponents are much smarter. On normal it's decently fair though, but there are times where the AI teammates can still screw you over in the end. But know it's definitely worse at the higher difficulties, so it's preferable you have two local friends who are also good at the game to beat the harder difficulties.

The team aspect definitely brings in something new that helps the game stand out and should definitely be applauded for bringing something new to the kart racing genre. Dare I say 3 characters in individual karts helping boost eachother up is a better form of co-operative kart racing then 2 people on 1 kart from Double Dash when it comes to Teamwork. Even if Crash ends up completely swallowing up this game's sales next month, it will still have something that stands out from both Mario Kart and Crash. Not to mention being a cheaper option, and still a solid game overall.

If however you are strapped for cash, and have been kind of on the fence because you want the Crash racing game and/or Mario Maker 2. I won't blame you for waiting a bit. But TSR is a fun game. And definitely provides the itch for a kart racer that isn't just MK8 again. I love MK8 but after 5 years and double dipping between systems, it's nice to have a little more variety in good kart racers. I'm looking forward to having 3 different games to choose if I want to kart race. MK8 that's still a guaranteed good time even if I feel I've played it enough sometimes in the 5 years it's been out. TSR if I want to be a certain Two-Tailed fox and enjoy some teamwork mechanics. And Crash for a grand return of a game that I used to like to play when I went to a cousin's house, Nostalgia overload for certain.