What would make the perfect Mario Party?

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Title says it all.

I saw a topic like this at GameFAQS a few years ago where people discussed the things needed to make a Mario Party game perfect.

Personally, I'd like alternate endings to return from Mario Party 2 showing the winning player defeating Bowser.

As for gameplay elements, I'd like Koopa Troopa's 10 coin bonus everytime you went back to Start, as well as the Lotto Shop from Mario Party 4.

So what do you guys think is neccessary to make the perfect Mario Party?
Costumes... and Baby Mario and Baby Luigi playable.
Lots of both Skill and Luck.
8 characters on each board.
1vs3 minigames made less common.(In MP8 it had only 9 of them with the others having more and pops up a good 40% of the time.)
No, how about the Custom Pack? If you want skill, get only the skill minigames. If you want luck, have more luck minigames instead. The Custom Pack in Mario Party 4 was a nice addition and it even allowed me to play single-player mode without fearing a game like Bowser's Bigger Blast.
I'm not too worried about luck-based mini-games. As long as games where it's impossible for certain people to win aren't included, I'll be content (i.e. Bowl Over and Crane Game from the original Mario Party. Although 2 fixed this.)

I also want the Duel Mode from Mario Party 3. That was quite fun, but the partners need better stats.
We could also use more partners.
Or they just need better stats.
A great item system, more skill based mini-games(luck is fine as long as they're not in duel nor battle), great mini-games, good amount of mini-games, at least 6 boards(with simple or good concepts), good music, same character roster as MP8, but without Birdo and Blooper, and put Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa and Koopa Kid, Custom Pack, good story and more that I can't think of right now :P And wi-fi also.
I also think each board should have a different method of collecting stars. Even if the boards in Mario Party 8 weren't great, I thought the concept was correct.
Aqua Soul said:
I also think each board should have a different method of collecting stars. Even if the boards in Mario Party 8 weren't great, I thought the concept was correct.
I hated the concepts of each of the boards :P King Boo's Haunted Mansion's concept was stupid; after you go into a room(whether or not you get a pitifall), your turn automatically ends. The run for money was pretty useless there. Speaking of that, I also want a good last 5 turns events :P. Back on topic, the stars costing 10 coins was also stupid imo, as well as the events from the ? space. It should've 20 coins for the star.

Goomba's Booty Boardwalk was stupid as well; I didn't like the free stars. The price changing depending what place you were to ride a dolphin was also ridiculous.

Bowser's warped orbit is another one I hate. I hate how you need candies to steal stars from other players(even though it does encourage more item use), the random direction when you go in a junction and the direction changing. It's too gimmicky.
Yes, those boards were bad, but I meant the concept of different boards having different methods was correct.

But yes, King Boo's Haunted Hideaway, Goomba's Booty Boardwalk, and Bowser's Warped Orbit weren't ideal boards.
yoshisawesome said:
I think the mario party boards are way too long. If there was a way to shorten them, that'd be good
They huge and they're fun to play. Why do you think that.
*Good minigames
*Stars are found in the same way on every board, where you find them and then pay 20 coins for them
*No more DK Spaces
*Battle Spaces
*Ending scenes where the Superstar saves everyone (like in MP2)
*Tumble as the host
*Fawful, DK, Diddy, and Dixie playable
*A mode where you get to play minigames and boards from previous MPs
*A story mode like the one from MP3
*No orbs or capsules, just items. Or maybe both orbs and items.
*More boards
*Those Shy Guy spaces from MP3
*Magic Lamps
*A better setting than a stupid carnival
*Great music
*The option to turn off chance minigames
I guess the perfect mario party game would include a super mario bros. related minigame. It's like having the two playing it as mario and luigi and seeing wh'd finish first, except with the original 8-bit characters
Can't believe I'm going to be saying this: Baby Mario and Baby Luigi playable. Ha! I said it!
I was here first, genius.
Ornithologist Mario said:
I was here first, genius.

But I know you're saying this because of me