Picture Pilgrimage - A collaborative Scribble journey

@Lin Beifong Are there any apps you know would definitely work for this? Sorry for all the questions by the way.
Unfortunately I am not very familiar with drawing on an IPad, sorry.
I'm sure I'll find something.

But I think I should sign up now! I've made my decision.

Name: SparksMarioWiki
Color: #FFD700 Gold I was going to choose purple, but other users already have different types of purple as their colors, so I'll go with Gold instead. It's a nice color!
Would I prefer to go first? I don't mind.
Would I prefer to be a capstone artist? I'd prefer not to.
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With that, we have reached the soft cap for sign-ups.

Don't let that stop you from continuing to sign up anyway. I may be able to squeeze you in still.
Ah I completely missed this

If there does end up being space then same colour as previous scribble games, can't copy over rn sorry, and would be happy to do either
Just a reminder that sign-ups will close by the end of this weekend.

If you want to sign up, you can still do so until then.
Kright has signed up via discord. Color is to be determined.

There are a little less than 18 hours left to sign up.
If you are interested, you still have a chance to get in.
Sign-ups are now closed. Everyone who signed up prior to this post has made it in.
If you haven't decided on a color yet, please do so as soon as possible.

I still have to handle some organizational matters, but for now I'll say that this game will officially begin
. The first batch of notifications will go out then.
The turn order for the game has been released and can now be reviewed in the second post of this thread.
The first two artists have likewise been notified of their upcoming turn.

While we wait, I would like to talk about signatures.


This never came up in the regular Scribble tournament since it didn't matter then, but with our goal here being the creation of a continuous image, you may feel the desire to mark the section you contributed via a signature.

This is allowed. I would go as far as to say it is encouraged that you sign your contribution.


In the case you do want to sign your submission though, please make sure to keep your signature non-intrusive and inconspicuous. Make it small, not overly long, and try to make it fit the shape of your image so it does not negatively impact the viewing experience or disturb the harmony of your visuals. It should blend in, not stand out.


Please do NOT do something like this, where a large part of your image is obscured by a signature block. This arguably destroys the harmony of the picture, and might even be grounds for rejection. Sign responsibly.

It is also highly recommended to keep your signature out of the part of the image that will be passed on to the next artist. It just makes everything easier for everyone.
Round 2 has started.

Currently drawing are Waluigi Time and MCD.
Up next are Lakituthequick and Hooded Pitohui.

I have decided to reduce the image overlap from 25% (300px) to 20% (240px).
It seems to look better and gives the artists a little more room to work with.​
Round 7 has started.

Currently drawing are Yoshi the SSM and Toadbert.
Up next are LeftyGreenMario and Steamlined.

Fantanoice has dropped from the game.
Please double-check your palette if you are scheduled after her.​