What game did you last play?!?!?!?

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Ray Trace
The Sims 2


Well some townie decided to freeze outside my house :L

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Wow the Ranger ability is really helpful for beating Gorimondo without any damage, it really lives up to its name considering how helpful it is for long range.

Also I got all the Waddle Dees in World 1, and was able to clear each of the special stages within the Target Time.

This is a fun game so far, except that I might dislike that the Copy Ability moves possible feel more simplistic than previous games (but maybe that’s just me?)

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I finally got around to playing Breath of the Wild, and I've been really enjoying it so far! It's the worst addiction for a completionist like me. I have to get all the map visible, right. Now.


I have been playing "Tears of the Kingdom". It is good, but I would have preferred something closer to Nintendo 64 or Gamecube/Wii Zelda. Breath of the Wild was good, but I am getting tired of that formula despite only being two games into it.

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Mario Party: Island Tour (first time)

So, I kind of thought that after I bought and loved Mario Party Superstars for the Nintendo Switch that that I had enough Mario Party games but I saw this for like £9 so I thought why not and honestly I like it a lot. It's like a blend of Wii Party (a major difference from MP9 and MP10 is that the characters move separately rather than in a car together) and Mario Party 9, but it's on the 3DS and I'm really impressed with how they adapted Mario Party for the 3DS - moments like this are a reminder of how truly wonderful the 3DS is. I like the music and sound effects although I can tell much is re-used from MP9. The number of minigames (based on a couple of quick google search) is almost the same as MP9 and MP6 and more than MP10 which I think is pretty impressive for a handheld title.

I do have a few problems though, including:
  • No story mode - I know that MP9's story mode didn't really have a rich story and was basically just like the ordinary party mode with a specific character who mustn't win but even so I think having a goal is a good thing and I still remember being so happy when after having owned MP9 since I was a little kid, I finally beat Story Mode for the first time at like 17 or something
  • Like MP9 and MP10, possibly to a greater extent, most of the party mode is just luck. I literally win every minigame yet come 3rd due to luck alone.
  • I mean not that I'm asking Island Tour to copy MP9, but I feel like MP9's store had things like constellations and the DK's Jungle Ruins that gave more incentive to get points, but in this game it's just like bubbles that don't seem that cool
  • So my first party didn't involve a boss either in the middle or at the end, but I see from Free Play that boss minigames do exist so idk (oddly they're all unlocked at the start for some reason)
  • As with MP9 and MP10, and unlike MP6, the game is "sterilised" and only includes mainstream Mario characters, items, themes, references, etc.
  • No online play (though I'm 99% a single player person so it's not like I hugely care but it would have been nice)
  • Winning the parties is based solely on who gets to the goal first which I think is an inferior system to the Mini Stars / Mini Ztars and also the "get the most Stars" system.
  • No 1v3 minigames or 1v1 minigames it seems?
Despite the above, I had a genuinely fun time with this game and I'm grateful to have picked it up.