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The LEGO Super Mario line has been running for 3 years. What is your opinion about it?
  • I enjoy the sets and would like to see them continue.
  • I enjoy the sets, but I prefer interactive playsets and think LEGO should focus more on them.
  • I enjoy the sets, but I prefer display pieces and think LEGO should focus more on them.
  • I enjoy the sets, but I think LEGO should shift direction towards more traditional sets now.
  • I do not enjoy the sets and think LEGO should shift direction towards more traditional sets.
  • I do not like the idea of LEGO producing Mario sets at all.
  • I have no opinion.

Fresh new poll from @Waluigi Time , a couple days late because we were missing a couple votes to pass one, but it ended up giving the last poll a lot of extra votes that pushed it above the 2000 vote mark, which is nice. Always love a bigger sample size. Over the course of the next few polls, we'll readjust to the old update time though, so don't worry too much.

I can't say I am terribly passionate about the Mario LEGO sets, with the only one that interests me at all being "The Mighty Bowser", price point aside. I'll probably have to go with Option 5, because the gimmick seems like something only a little kid would get any use out of. These big fancy display pieces like Mighty Bowser and the SM64 ? Block still have interactivity, but in a way that doesn't really dominate the set in any way. Meanwhile, all the other LEGO Super Mario sets are very barebones for the price point and hinge so heavily on a gimmick I think is lame that I have no interest in them at all.

I don't think I'd personally buy Mighty Bowser or the ? Block myself either mind you, but at least I understand why they're so expensive and they look rather impressive. Maybe if they were cheaper. If Nintendo ditched the gimmick and just made more interesting sets in the same price bracket, I just think that they'd find more widespread success with the toy line. I doubt even kids are buying these for the gimmicks, they're buying these to have a LEGO Luigi, Kamek, Peach, etc. as well as some enemies.
When it comes to LEGO Mario sets, they kinda don't pique my interest. I always wanted to buy them but they look very complicated. I prefer to have sets that are basically displays as opposed to games. We also haven't gotten minifigures which is my big complaint with the sets. I do like the fanservice in enemies, though.
I don't really care about LEGOs much in general, aside from liking the first LEGO Movie, but I like Mario so if LEGO wants to keep focusing on making any types of products to them they should go for it. So simultaneously Options 1-3 and 6.
Option 6. I have no interest in building toys, especially when they're complicated and easy to break if not stored properly. Sure, I've seen Squirrel Stampede review most Lego Mario sets on Youtube, but this hasn't really boosted my interest in getting a set too much.
Option 5. The Mario line illustrates pretty well the problem I have with LEGO as a whole right now. Over the past few years it seems like they've been pulling in two directions, with traditional sets for kids that have lower build quality than they used to or weird gimmicks, and display pieces for adults, but then there's less (or in Mario's case, nothing) left in the middle of the traditional sets that most people probably got into the brand with. I would be totally fine with them continuing on the playsets/display pieces route if that option of normal sets without the gimmick was also there. (And I have to admit, the display pieces they've done for the Mario line are actually pretty cool, but they're way too expensive for me to consider buying them.)
I'm mixed on the entire thing. I really think them not focusing on traditional locations and setpieces was such a huge missed opportunity in favor of this very bizarre gimmick that doesn't really take advantage of what LEGO really is all about. I really only like the ? Block but I'd honestly rather prefer like a buildable go-kart or something.

I had fun poisoning Mario and Luigi repeatedly though so there's that.
Should modern spinoff-exclusive characters (Waluigi, Daisy, Wario, etc.) have a presence in the mainline series?
  • Yes, I like these characters and would enjoy playing as or seeing them in mainline Mario games.
  • Yes, but I think they should be relegated to an NPC or background character role.
  • Yes, but only as cameos.
  • No, I like these characters but I don't think they belong in the Mario series outside of spinoffs.
  • No, I do not like these characters and I think they should stay out of the main series.
  • No, and I think they should be replaced in spinoffs with characters from the mainline series.
  • I have no opinion.

New week, new poll. Out on Tuesday so that last week's late poll had a bit more time to catch up on votes, though the time will be back to normal next time. Today's poll takes a look at whether the often seen as neglected extended Mario cast should be in something more than a golfing game or two nowadays.

I'm... probably option 1 or 2, but with a few caveats. Seeing a character like Wario, Waluigi, or Daisy in a main series game might be nice, but whenever anyone talks about their idea for a game like that, it always comes off more like some kind of slightly cringeworthy fanfiction to me. I don't really know how to describe it, nor do I really think I could though.
I just wish the mainline series made more deeper cuts in general (and didn't keep dropping all the new stuff they come up with), so yeah, option 1. It's worked in the past - Wario in SM64DS, Daisy in Run (if you consider that mainline), even Toadette's managed to make that jump in the Switch era surprisingly - so I don't see why they can't do it now. If Nintendo does something like 3D World again where they distinguish the playable characters with different abilities we could see some interesting stuff out of it.
It's baffling how highly popular characters that are very well-regarded by fans are just passed over by Nintendo on a consistent basis. Not even characters like Wario are safe bets in appearing in Mario promo material, the dude doesn't even appear in Super Nintendo World at all despite being a major Mario character. Even a game themed around collecting so much coins (NSMB2) practically begged for Wario to be the main antagonist on it but nope, Nintendo just wanted to capitalize on SMB3 nostalgia for the umpteenth time instead.
Your uncle work for Nintendo, WT?

  • Yes, I like these characters and would enjoy playing as or seeing them in mainline Mario games.
As if Wario & Daisy didn't start off mainline. :goomba:
Option 1. I'd really like to see Wario in another Mario game again, and I'm glad that Daisy is playable in a new one too! (I'm also really excited for that new Peach game, even though it's surprisingly not an SPP sequel.)
Nintendo recently announced the next 2D platformer, Super Mario Bros. Wonder. What do you think about it so far?
  • It looks great and I'm very excited about it!
  • It looks good, but I wish it was a bigger departure from the New Super Mario Bros. games.
  • It looks good, but I would have preferred another New Super Mario Bros. game.
  • I don't like it, and I think there should have been a bigger departure from the New Super Mario Bros. games.
  • I don't like it and would have preferred another New Super Mario Bros. game instead.
  • I don't like it for other reasons.
  • I have no opinion.
As you could probably expect, here's a poll from @Waluigi Time about the newly(-ish) announced Super Mario Wonder, and how you're feeling about it now that it's out there in the public eye.

I an kind of iffy on it personally. I think it looks like it plays well, and I think the characters are expressive in a way that makes Wonder look way more soulful than NSMB, especially later NSMB. While I'm not a fan of Daisy, I am also pretty happy that Nintendo is finally branching out of their typical roster of mainline characters for this one. That being said though, so far a lot of the game looks "random for randomness' sake" to me, if that makes sense. Gonna reserve judgement until it's out though on that front.

There is one thing that might actually turn me off of playing this game though, and that's the talking flowers. I found them really annoying in the trailers, and I think the literal last thing I want in my Mario sidescroller is some annoying NPC with voice clips quipping at me all the time. There's a good chance they might not be as prevalent as they were in the trailers, but they were everywhere there and seemingly served no gameplay purpose except to be annoying sometimes. Maybe you can turn them off or something, I don't know.

I wouldn't say I "have no opinion", but I'm mixed enough to where I think Option 7 is finally getting my vote.
Option 1. I really like the new artstyle and the variety of playable characters, including Peach, Daisy, and Yoshis that aren't limited to just one level. I'm also looking forward to not having a timer anymore, as it allows players to find collectibles and play at their own pace, like in Kirby, Yoshi, Klonoa, and other platformers.
Yeah, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is what I wanted from a 2D Mario platformer. A game with unique and distinct themes and not the same generic ones we saw repeatedly. There are some tiny little touches, too, such as more playable characters. The thing that got me was the talking flower. Mainly because it speaks basic. Super Mario games have practically abandoned voice acting, and I feel Hotel Mario and Super Mario Sunshine are to blame. Granted, it might be limited to the flowers, but I didn't expect it to speak more than that phrase. I also noticed the soundtrack is acapella too. Did Nintendo take cues from Twinsanity? While I would say the game looks flawless, one issue I do have is the hippos to some degree. They look like the big dumb gimmick that often appears in Nintendo games to wow people. I mean, they look rather annoying to use too. And, of course, Nintendo would love to do Autumn after Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii proved it could work. I remember the part where the flag pole gets destroyed really shocked me. To see a Super Mario game do that is quite breathtaking. Also, being able to choose characters other than Mario in singe-player is an A+ in my book. I feel players should have the choice to play as different characters and skins in any of the Super Mario games. I have considered Sonic to be the Anti-Mario for a reason: because those games let you choose many different characters. I recently played Sonic Origins, and just the amount of characters you can be is a lot (i.e., Sonic, Sonic with Tails, Knuckles with Tails, Amy with Tails, etc.). I'd hope the future Super Mario games let you be a different character of your choice.

The character roster is your typical affair as well. Luigi is a no-brainer, and so are Toad and Peach. Daisy was someone I wasn't expecting. Sure, she appeared in Run, but many people, including myself, don't give a shit for it. And Yoshi was like a huge shocker. Especially since others can ride him on his back, though I don't know how much this affects gameplay. Players can just do this stupid thing and sit on Yoshi's saddle, and Yoshi just has to deal with it? There's also the part where Yoshi is there alongside his friends, which suggests that players can be more than one Yoshi? That sounds kinda insane, but maybe I'm overthinking it. I'm unsure how I feel about jumping on Cheep Cheeps underwater; it feels illegal. I also realized we'll see Fire Daisy for the first time.

This is the game I'm most hyped for because it looks so different from the usual 2D Super Mario game. I guess for other complaints? The score is missing? Sure, I don't care, but someone might.

Edit: Option 1
It looks good and something I'd like to play and that's really all I can say about it. Almost all the changes I like but I felt they haven't went further enough with it. Characters are more expressive and animated than prior NSMB installments sure but at the same time it still doesn't look all that much expressive to me, especially after playing something like Rayman Origins/Legends. The new artstyle is fine but again, it also still looks underpowered and meh at the same time and they could have done more with it. They really should ditch the 2D tiles and have actual polygons already.
Nintendo has announced an upcoming game featuring Princess Peach as the main protagonist. Would you like to see more games with main protagonists besides Mario?

  • Yes, I would like more games prominently featuring characters other than Mario as the main protagonist, regardless of who they are.
  • Yes, but primarily through adding new titles to existing sub-series with other main protagonists such as Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi.
  • Yes, but primarily by coming up with completely new titles which use characters without dedicated sub-series, such as Rosalina, Peach, and Bowser, as main protagonists.
  • No, I think the amount of games with main protagonists other than Mario is fine.
  • No, and I think less focus should be given to games with main protagonists other than Mario going forward.
  • I do not think any games in the Mario franchise should feature main protagonists other than Mario.
  • I don't care what main protagonist a game has and am more concerned with other aspects of the game.

A new poll from @Hooded Pitohui today, regarding the games in the Mario franchise that feature someone besides the red guy as the protagonist. I'm going with Option 1 this time myself, as I've always found Mario himself to be the least interesting character in his own franchise. I know there are people who do genuinely like him and say that he IS an interesting character because he does have a personality as the happy cheerful guy, but while I guess I can see their point, I've never been able to see him as anything other than the bing bing wahoo guy or that guy that grandpas pick in Mario Kart because his name's on the cover.

Ironically, I find that Mario works the best when he's even less than that - in games like Paper Mario or Super Mario RPG where he's basically an entirely blank slate for more interesting or funny characters to bounce off of. Conversely, Mario's extended cast is brimming with personality that allows them to interact with the world in much more interesting ways when you aren't taking advantage of how bland he is to make him a player driven silent protagonist. As evidenced by their own side series, Wario and Luigi are now very fleshed out characters with memorable supporting casts, and I'd prefer to see more characters get that treatment over a bunch of games that just revolve around Mario himself.
Option 1. I'm all for Mario spin-offs that don't really center on the Great Gonzales himself. While I do like him, he's not my favorite character and I usually only play as him if it's required. So I like spin-offs that focus on characters I like more or those who haven't had as much focus recently. As long as they don't blow it like Sega did with Shadow the Hedgehog, we're fine.
Option 1. I like the idea of different characters with different gameplay. Personally, I like spin-offs with Mario, but only when he doesn't act like a blank zombie.
I think there should be quite a few Mario games that will have protagonists other than Mario, and would want to see characters not in the spotlight before get it, but I would not want these to be almost every Mario game, and would not want these characters to be obscure.
I picked option 2, but really I want both option 2 and 3 myself.

I actually prefer it when characters like DK, Yoshi, etc. have gotten their own side games, because they depart from the established Mario platforming gameplay to do something different. Even though DK, Yoshi, Peach, Wario and probably others I'm forgetting got platformers, they still do their own unique thing to set them apart as platformers from the standard Mario games.

Luigi in particular got the Luigi's Mansion series, the Scooby-Doo style spooky exploration gameplay that heavily departed from platforming. And it worked for me, to date it is still one of the most original takes I've seen with a Mario character. Would be nice to see more stuff like that.
Of the controllers bundled in with Nintendo's home consoles, which is your favorite?

  • NES controller
  • SNES controller
  • Nintendo 64 controller
  • GameCube controller
  • Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk
  • Wii U Gamepad
  • Joy-Cons
  • I do not like any of Nintendo's bundled controllers, and prefer alternatives.
  • I don't have any preference for one controller over another.

New poll, by @Hooded Pitohui. The last poll ran for another week, you might have noticed, and that was largely because there just wasn't a poll that was ready, voted for, and with no pending changes needing to be made. With it being Awards Submission week, as well as generally preferring a higher quality poll to go out rather than a rushed poll devoid of either suggestive feedback or the creator's input, I just figured it'd be better to delay a week until people were free of their shackles once more, especially as the vast majority of the committee is involved in Awards in some capacity.

That being said though, I'll go ahead and give my own input on the poll here by saying that I think the GameCube controller is the best of Nintendo's included controllers - at least in first party games. It was junk for anything that actually needed a second analog stick. Maybe in that case, it'll be the eighth option for me then, because admittedly the Wii U Pro, Switch Pro, and whatever that Monster Hunter controller for the Wii was were all much better controllers in terms of button layout and game feel than the alternatives.
The Wii U GamePad. I still can't believe that my brother in-law hated this thing (he said it was "clunky" but I didn't mind at all). It's incredibly comfy to hold, isn't too heavy, has all the usual controls similar to an Xbox 360/One controller or a Wii U / Switch Pro controller, it also has a microphone and a camera. It's durable, although mine now has a problem where the L button has gotten a bit stiff/sticky but still usable. Of course though, the biggest reason this controller is the GOAT is because it has a touchscreen on it, allowing for games to utilise it well such as Paper Mario Colour Splash, allowing for DS games to be on the Wii U VC (which is how I got to play SM64 DS and PiT, the latter game only uses the touchscreen once but it is required to reach the final boss), and allowing for off TV play (yes I know the Switch had it much better with allowing actual portability, but I still have fondness of Wii U off tv play especially since I didn't get the Switch until after my Wii U). (edit: it also made the web browser experience much nicer and I also liked using it for HOME Menu management, System Settings, and the Nintendo eShop. It's silly that the GamePad is required for System Settings though).