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Some random gamer
Hello there! welcome to the world of Koopamon! My name is Deku! They call me the Koopamon professor! This world is inhabited by creatures called Koopamon! some have Koopamon as pets, others battle with them, I study them, blah blah blah. This will be an ongoing project with updates hopefully once or twice or perhaps even three times a week. Feel free to give suggestions.
Hi everyone! I'm here to announce the first 9 entries in the Koopadex, AKA, the starters. I will work more on these(adding types and such) later.

#001: River Piranha Plant #002 Spiny Piranha Plant #003 Prickly Piranha Plant #004 Fire Bro #005 Inferno Bro #006 Winged Inferno Bro #007 Beach Koopa #008 F.L.U.D.D Koopa( a beach koopa with a F.L.U.D.D on it's back) #009 Big F.L.U.D.D Koopa(basically a Blastoise that's a big koopa troopa with a blue shell and the cannons are F.L.U.D.Ds.)
I know it will be around a week before I announce the koopadex numbers containing this koopamon, but I would like to hear your ideas for what the koopamon counterpart of Pikachu should be.
Probably those Lakitu's that shoot stuff in Yoshi's Island or anything that can use thunder like the thundercloud or somethin' like that.
Hello, koopamon trainers! I now give you entries #10-#20 of the koopadex.

#010: Squiggler #011: Wigglis (metapod with a wiggler pattern) #012: Flutter #013: Stingby Larvae #014: Stingcoon(Kakuna with stingby pattern) #015: Stingby #016: Para-Beetle #017: Koopa Paratroopa #018: Big Koopa Paratroopa #019: Goomba #020: Paragoomba
Also please continue to send in your suggestions for Koopamon counterparts of Pokémon, it helps a lot. Just make sure to say the Pokémon that the counterpart is. See you soon!
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I desperately need suggestions for koopamon counterparts of jigglypuf/wigglytuff. They will be coming out on tuesday next week and I need a good sized head start. Also what would you think of after I make the koopadex me making a section in The 'Shroom about koopamon, with a story based on the events of Pokémon Red and Blue included?
Since Jiggplypuff and Wigglytuff are known as the balloon Pokémon, could the Balloons from Yoshi's Island work? Or maybe Balloon Boos?

If you'd rather focus on a similar appearance, what about Barney Bubble?

Also, I think a section in The 'Shroom featuring this idea is a fine idea! We'd enjoy having it in the paper. Let us know if you need any help with it!
I'll probably start it in the August issue since I estimate to have uploaded the full koopadex in the first or second week of August( although I will have come up with all the entries at least a week before that! ). It probably will be a fairly long series, considering how much gameplay there is in the original Red and Blue games.
Hello! We have a whopping 16 new entries in the Koopadex today! Also thank you for sending in your suggestions for the counterpart of Pikachu. However, all of them sounded like they would fit a different Koopamon better, so I came up with something from my imagination, but it still isn't quite perfect. Now I will stop yammering and give you your new 16 Koopamon.

#21: Flaptor #22: Klepto #23: Nyololin #24: Tryclyde #25: Thunder Bro( A hammer bro with a yellow helmet and shell that shoots balls of electricity ) #26: Storm Bro( The sledge bro version of Thunder Bro ) #27: Spiny #28: Spike #29: Red Koopa Troopa #30: Big Red Koopa Troopa #31: Pom Pom #32: Green Koopa Troopa #33: Big Green Koopa Troopa #34: Boom Boom #35: Luma #36: Polari

And that's it! see you on Wendsday with hopefully 14 new Koopamon! And don't forget to leave suggestions!
So sorry I'm late! I was trying to modify a koopamon I had to make from my imagination. But I'm finally here with your 15 new Koopamon!

#037: Tail Goomba #038: Nine-tailed Goomba (exactly what it sounds like) #039: Balloon #040: Ballon Boo #041: Swoop #042: Big Swoop #043: Turnip #044: Piranha Sprout #045: Flower Piranha Sprout (Piranha sprout with vileplume flower instead of leaves) #046: Poison Mushroom #047: Rotten Mushroom #048: Biddybud #049: Para-Biddybud 050: Monty Mole #051: Rocky Wrench

See you next time!
Everyone, I will be busy this week, so I'm sorry but you won't get much Koopamon this week. But to make up for it sometime soon hopefully I will have an EXPLOSION of Koopamon for you, but likely in 2 parts since you don't know just how hard it is to do all that coding.
Hi! I have 20 new koopamon for you today! I hope to upload another 15 tomorrow or on Monday, but that depends on my weekend schedule. Sorry to keep you waiting, but now here are your new 20 Koopamon!

#052: Kitten #053: Oyaneko #054: Cataquack #055: Plungelo #056: Diddy Kong #057: Donkey Kong #058: Hot Dog #059: Bunson #060: Madpole #061: Kleptoad #062: Wart #063: Toady #064: Magikoopa #065: Kamek #066: Mini Sumo Bro (Exactly what it sounds like) #067: Sumo Bro #068: Boss Sumo Bro #069: Piranha Plant #070: Poison Piranha Plant #071: Big Poison Piranha Plant

One last question: I am going to start on my Koopamon /Shroom section and I want to know if you Want me to do normal Pokémon characters or Mario characters replacing Pokémon characters. Please let me know, or I will not be able to progress on my 'Shroom section.
Do you have a bulbapedia account because you could do Pokemon there and Mario here
wiat does Bulbapedia even have pokemon shroom counterpart
Today I will begin on my koopamon 'Shroom section, but before I do that I wanted to give you your 20 new Koopamon! Enjoy!
PS: I couldn't find anything for slowpoke/slowbro so I used bullet bill and banzai bill which I am just now realizing is the exact opposite lolz

#072: Blooper #073: Blooper Nanny #074: Mini Brolder #075: Brolder #076: Boss Brolder #077: Baby Red Yoshi #078: Red Yoshi #079: Bullet Bill #080: Banzai Bill #081: Amp #082: Tri-amp (Three amps that have grouped together because they were lonely) #083: Tweeter (By the way Tweeter does not evolve into Ostro just saying this so you don't get confused) #084: Ostro #085: Tri-ostro (An Ostro with three heads) #086: Fliprus #087: Pompy #088: Poison Bubble #089: Big Poison Bubble #090: Clampy #081: Spiked Clampy (A Clampy with spikes on it's shell)