Mario Party Superstars

My most recent playthrough on each board has ended with Donkey Kong coming in 4th place:


He's become the new Wario for me: a fun opponent who I like to target on the boards to make sure that he always finishes last. I usually steal from him when I visit Boo, and I like giving away his stars when I land on Chance Time.

And it's not just on the boards that he's fun to pick on, but in the minigames too. It's fun trying to get everyone to win except for him:

He's the second character that I control in Party mode, and he helps my main (Peach or Birdo) out on the board. And ok, I may let him win from time to time in the minigames because tie victories are more fun than just one character winning (in my opinion), but at least he always loses at the end of the party. He's no Super Star.