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That's a wrap, submissions are closed for the final time! Thank you to everyone who supported this section by nominating and voting for fighters, and even just by reading! Even though I won't be taking submissions anymore, this isn't exactly the final Smackdown... Issue 200 is coming up fast, and I can't just leave my first section out of it.

Did you know that since I started this thread back in February 2021 for Issue 168, 150 unique characters have been formally nominated? That's nuts! Out of those 150, 53 of them made it into Smackdown in some form (not counting the upcoming issue). That's almost 100 characters that didn't make the cut for one reason or another, which is kind of sad because I liked a lot of those nominations but obviously wasn't able to fit everyone in. So, for Issue 200, I'll be doing a special final edition of Smackdown consisting of multiple matches featuring fighters who were nominated at some point in this thread but didn't make it into a match! Who knows, maybe you'll see someone you nominated way back when.


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The real reason for Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown coming to a close isn't burnout or lack of ideas or whatever you want to attribute it to...

It's the fact that we no longer have a building to run the thing in.