Make A Moveset For A Character Who Isn't In Smash!

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So, here's the rules.

1: The character you put here doesn't have to be from a video game. It can be from any piece of media!
2: You can choose on how much information you put into your moveset, but you at least need all the specials and a Final Smash.
3: Abide by all the rules put on the forums, obviously.

I'll probably make a moveset of my own here, from time to time.
Now, begin!


I am infinite, I am nothing

Jab: A 1-2-3 followed by a multi-jab.
Side Tilt: A straight stab with a knife.
Up Tilt: An upward kick.
Down Tilt: A swipe with his claws. Can trip opponents.

Side Smash: Shoots a Fire Dragon straight in front of him, which then explodes.
Up Smash: Creates a Blizzard Tornado above him.
Down Smash: Does a Wrath Earthquake around him.

Neutral Aerial: A spin using his claws.
Forward Aerial: A double-leg kick in front of him.
Back Aerial: Stabs with a knife behind him.
Up Aerial: Slashes up with a spin.
Down Aerial: Slashes downward with his claws, can spike.

Dash Attack: A 3-hit attack.
Ledge Attack: Kicks forward and shoots a Rapid Thunder for knock-back.
Getup Attack: Slashes around him with a spin and then jumps, slashing upward.

Neutral Special: Elemental Ability, hold to change elements
- Fire: Blaze Halberd
- Water: Tide Club
- Plant: Root Whip
- Thunder: Lighting Spear
- Poison: Venom Scimitar
- Wind: Gust Blade

Side Special: Sidereal Charge
A forward punch. Can be charged for more damage and knock-back.

Up Special: Comet Wings
A flight with a strong hitbox, can be directed. Sidereal Charge can combo into this.

Down Special: Super Charge
An explosion around him that can be charged and stored. The more it’s charged, the more knock-back, damage and size it will have.

Final Smash: Galacta Power
He spreads his wings and attacks with his Galacta abilities, like the Galacta Sword and finishes off with the Galacta Comet!


What do you think of XDDCC?
Elijah, the star of several different books and comics I'm working on is my character here. Most of his moves would reference those.

Elijah will have two jumps, and no crawl or wall jump.
Neutral: A three hit attack, with a punch, a punch, and then a roundhouse kick that can hit behind him as well.
Forward tilt: A swipe with his sword from The Altonia Files called Naldor.
Down tilt: A simple leg sweep.
Up tilt: A fast hand stand that hits behind him with his legs. Holding the button will cause him to hold the stand, and you can walk around while doing this, albeit slowly. It doesn't do anything, it's just there.
Dash attack: A diving tackle, something like Snake's.
Neutral air: A simple spin, like Villager's.
Forward air: A punch forward.
Up air: He winds up slightly, then spins around while kicking upwards. It'll have great launch, but the wind up is kind of a warning.
Back air: He pulls out Naldor and swipes behind him. Great knockback.
Down air: He does a four part downward kick, with a meteor effect on the last one.
Side Smash: A great sweep attack with a blazing Naldor.
Up Smash: Elijah throws a Rubik's Cube into the air, that, upon solving itself, explodes. However, he throws it instantly, no matter how long you charge it. What changes when you charge is the TYPE of cube. If you throw without charging, it's a 2x2. If you charge a little, it's a 3x3. If you charge it fully, it's a Void Cube, which is missing it's center pieces. Each takes longer to solve, but the explosion of each is greater.
Down Smash: He pulls his shield from The Altonia Files called Shuntok out of nowhere and stabs it into the ground, causing dirt spikes to shoot out on either side of him. (Shuntok is imbued with Earth powers.)
Ledge attack: Gets up and kicks.
Sit attack: Spins Naldor around him.
Elijah grabs with both arms and holds the victim with both hands while kneeing them.
Forward throw: A spinning throw, like Mario's.
Up throw: Elijah lifts the opponent and chucks them over his head.
Back throw: Elijah heaves the opponent over his head and slams them on the ground behind him.
Down throw: Elijah lifts them up and them slams them on the ground.
Neutral Special: Elijah whips out one of his most precious possessions, the Golden Remote, and activates it, shooting our weird pixels that stun opponents. It has a somewhat short range.
Side Special: Elijah uses the Golden Remote once again, summoning one of the following to assist him in battle: Louis the Eskimo, who runs around throwing snowballs until he vanishes after a few seconds. A Mini Dino, that pesters opponents until it vanishes. A Cy-cy, which walks around until it vanishes. A Grond, which flies around shooting lasers until it vanishes. (Will add more. These are all from a game The Green Knight and I hope to make.) Think of it as a mini assist trophy, but Elijah cannot move while this is in effect.
Up Special: Elijah activates his backpack drone, which can carry him upwards a fair distance and can be steered, until it short circuits.
Down Special: A counter attack with Naldor.
Elijah is a regular guy. He's been given all this great stuff, but he's only human. What makes him unique is his Final Smash (More on that in a second), and his energy. Let me explain.
Elijah will have a meter that goes down as he acts, with walking and standing still being the only things that don't lower his meter. (Walking keeps it where it is, standing still increases it.) When the meter is relatively full, he's faster, stronger, and more agile. However, as he acts, his meter drops, reducing his energy. A powerful attack is no longer as powerful, dealing less damage, requiring more wind-up, etc. If the meter is totally drained, Elijah is incredibly slow and weak. If it's empty, and you keep acting, Elijah will eventually collapse from exhaustion, and won't get up for a few seconds. Eating will restore the meter a little bit more than a waiting, as will taunting.
This one is going to be interesting. It changes depending on how much damage the opponent has at the beginning of the attack.
They all start the same, with Elijah rushing forward, launching opponents he hits into the air. (Think K. Rool) They get launched into a pad of paper, where several pencils rapidly draw several of my other characters: Eli, Eliana, and Elisha, heroes of Altonia, John, a knight in training, and Dale, a boy from a fantasy land. Everyone attacks the victims, and then one of the group assist Elijah in the final hit. The Final Smash is not affected, nor will it affect the energy meter.
0-15%: Eliana grabs a fistful of powders from her belt and throws them on the opponents, which Elijah ignites with Naldor, which actually causes the opponent to fall asleep.
16-30%: John and Elijah gallop towards the opponent with a lance, which deals damage and average knockback.
31-50%: Dale and Elijah perform a flurry attack with knives, dealing lots of damage and little knockback.
51-69%: Elisha and Elijah use Eli's special bow (I forgot the name) to rain arrows, dealing more damage and less knockback than the above.
70-99%: Eli throws Elijah his staff, Rodlan, and after Elijah presses a button on it, one end opens into a hammer, which Elijah swings into the opponent for massive knockback.
100+%: Elijah summons the Golden Remote, a massive pencil, Naldor, and they all merge into a giant sword in the shape of a cross, which he swings down on the opponent, instantly KOing them.
Taunts will increase Elijah's energy bar.
Idle: Elijah will stand, slightly swinging his arms.
Idle animation: Elijah scratches his head and yawns. Elijah puts his hands to his side, slaps his legs and whistles something.
Side taunt: Elijah pulls out either a 3DS or a Switch from his back pocket, which he plays for a few seconds before putting it back in his pocket.
Up Taunt: Elijah waves at the player.
Down Taunt: Does a random pose with a different face, then laughs and goes back to idle.
Entry: A book appears on stage, opens up, and Elijah steps out.
Victory: Elijah bows left, then right then waves while saying, "Thank you, thank you, no autographs please!" Elijah writes in a book with a pencil, snaps it shut, and says, "The end!" Elijah has headphones on and is jamming away to some music, and doesn't even notice the player. If the Final Smash is the killing move, Elijah waves to the others as they walk back into their books, then he pauses to wave to the player before heading into his own.
When Elijah guards, he pulls out Shuntok.
When Elijah claps after losing, he claps enthusiastically, occasionally putting his fingers to his mouth and whistling.

Sven Svennson.

Time to shine, baby!
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Guess it's time for me for do this.

Character: Sam And Max.
Franchise: Sam And Max, Freelance Police.

Gimmicks: Max.
Unlike other duo characters, you can't actually control Max. He'll just walk around and jump.
Sam will always stay with max, though.
Max can play a big part in Sam's moveset, though, with the Down Special.
We'll get to that later, though.

Stage Entrance: Sam drives the DeSoto onto the battlefield.
Shield: Sam covers his eyes with his arms.

Jab: Sam punches with bended arms twice, then ends it with a kick.
Dash Attack: Sam does a dive, like Snake's dash attack.
Side Tilt: Sam uses an item collected by the Neutral B and swipes it forward. If Sam doesn't have an item, he uses Max instead.
Up Tilt: Sam does a pose with his leg up and swipes the item or Max upward like a slap. This references the marching pose the Sam clones did in The Devil's Playhouse, Chapter 4.
Down Tilt: Sam swipes his item or Max onto the ground.

Side Smash: Sam uses his item or Max as a sword and does 3 quick, yet painful swipes.
Up Smash: Sam yells out a word and the speech bubble does damage.
Down Smash: Sam shoots with his gun on one side and Max shoots with his gun on the other.

Neutral Air: Sam does a diving pose or swipes around an item that does damage.
Forward Air: Sam uses an item to attack.
Back Air: Max uses an item to attack.
Up Air: Sam throws an item or Max and it comes back with a rope. This attack does damage at the start and at the end.
Down Air: Sam bites down or uses an item a couple of times.

Grab And Pummel: Sam holds the opponent with both arms and pummels by letting Max shoot at the opponent.
Forward Throw: Max kicks or uses an item on the opponent, knocking them out of Max's arms.
Back Throw: Sam throws the opponent and shoots at them or throws an item for more length.
Up Throw: Sam does a throw upwards after leaning back.
Down Throw: Sam drops the opponent and Max mauls at them.

Neutral Special, Search: When you press B, Sam will look around for any items/evidence. Most of the time, Sam will find something that he can use, but, there's always a chance you won't find anything useful. You start with the Big Kill, Sam's gun, and you can collect up to 5 items. You'll lose an item if you get knocked out, though. The items you can collect depend on where you are, so if you were in a castle-like stage, Max would get a candelabra and other items. The item's damage can range from small to medium to large.

Side Special, Item Chuck: When you press Side B, Sam will either chuck an item you've collected or Max. When you throw an item, the item will do the damage it's assigned, but you'll lose that item. When you throw Max, he'll maul the opponent, doing minor rapid damage. If you hold down Side B, you'll get to choose which item you use.

Up Special, Item Rope: This acts the same as the Side Special, but it's works more as a recovery. When Sam throws the item or Max, it lifts him to it via a rope. If you hold down Up B, you also get to choose which item you use.

Down Special, Toys Of Power: When you press Down B, Max will pull out one of his Toys Of Power. The toys all have different properties and the one Max pulls out is the one you choose. The items all have a cooldown of 20 seconds, though.
RhinoPlasty: Max throws this onto an opponent, item or assist trophy and turns into a clone of it. What Sam does with it is up to you. Max can take damage in this form, though.
Toy Phone: Max pulls this out and teleports to a part of the stage, depending on where you hold the joystick.
Playing Cards: Max pulls this out and reads the opponent's mind. This gives Sam a buff that last for 10 seconds. The buffs depends on what kind of opponent it is.
Can O Nuts: Max pulls this out and gives Sam and him a hiding spot. You don't take damage in the can, but, you can't move. You can jump out by pressing B.
Astral Projector: Max pull this out and possesses the opponent for 5 seconds. The opponent can break out by pressing buttons.
Cthonic Destroyer: Sam pulls this out and blasts a laser that is very powerful. It has limited range and bad frame data, though. So be careful when using it.

Final Smash, Monster Max: In this Final Smash, Max transforms into the monstrous kaiju seen in The Devil's Playhouse, Chapter 5. Sam jumps into Max's mouth, so he can control him. Pressing A will make Max punch the opponent and pressing B will spawn Max Spirits that stick the opponent in place. The Final Smash ends with Monster Max smashing onto the stage.

Side Taunt: Sam and Max have a short, randomly generated conversation.
Up Taunt: Sam and Max show off their guns.
Down Taunt: Max tries to get offensive on the opponent, but Sam pulls him back.

Victory Animation 1: Max jumps around excitedly and Sam holds him in his hands.
Victory Animation 2: Sam and Max look at the camera before getting into DeSoto and driving away.
Victory Animation 3: Sam and Max have another short, randomly generated conversation.

Clap: Sam claps while trying to stop Max from wreaking havoc.



actual spore creature
i dont have any new ones nor do i feel like coming up with one but i do have some stuff i wrote up allll da way in 2019. these are all from 2019. none of these have game mechanics and balance into consideration i just kinda shove in references and hope it works
ive been thinkgign about worm in smash.. you know from worms. worm worms. worm
i havent played a worms game in years so i had to rely on the wiki
theres a lot of iconic weapons i couldn represent because im small brain
the design would either be the 3d games one or armageddon im not even sure. both would work
i think there could be issues translating the turn based design to the quick fighting one and still be accurate.... i think it can work though

jab and forward tilt is just prod. one of these is more useful for knockback than racking up the opponents percent
forward smash is blow torch, also you go forward a bit like bowser's
up smash is fire punch(Just Shoryuken), lifts you off the ground. it gets the worm a headband this is important
no idea for the aerials. something could be just g&w's fair and probably not even suck
the grab is a tether grab being the ninja rope. Of course you can recover with it as well, so theres a grab aerial
a few other moves could be generic tail swipes and punches

neutral special is just the grenade. i dont know what to do to distinguish it from snake's. or leave a dynamite on the ground that explodes soon after?
side special is the bazooka. sorta works like slower but stronger egg throw with more distance. can charge, more noticeably than egg throw does
up special is jet pack. the fuel left can be shown in numbers above the worm like how it does in the home games
down special releases a sheep that walks around and explodes. you can explode it with down b again
final smash is armageddon. i think it rains meteorites

on screen appearance would probably be something ismilar to worms armageddon, if its a thing there i dont even remember
taunts: one with a jump rope, one with that idle animation where they attach their eyebrows to their lip to make a moustache, one where he does somtething but says "thats him finished!" probably not exactly that though, with the amount of female fighters we have lmao
idle animations would obviously have some of the same ones from worms

the alts would be accessories like worms 4/worms forts had(probably more games), similar to jigglypuff or pikachu
may say a line sometimes, like wii fit trainer does
size is around kirby's and hes fairly slow
takes damage in water like sonic and charizard
reveal trailer better involve snake in some way
i got some assistance from my friends shoutouts to em! i couldnt come up with any grabs however, they can be assumed to be the same as the original moveset.
jab combo: same as original, two punches and a kick from mario 64

forward tilt: a quick spin with a cape. acts a lot more like smw rather than the original side b.

up tilt: holds onto a propeller block and jumps up slightly. hits multiple times.

down tilt: mario 64 sweep kick

dash attack: mario 64 slide kick

forward smash: from m&lss i think its the same as his normal fsmash but more showoffy?

up smash: some uppercut from mario rpg i dont know. for mega glove?

down smash: spin throw (with cappy)

neutral air: star spin. similarly to mario galaxy, lifts him a lil bit. hits twice.

forward air: swing a hammer ilke ice climbers. can spike if angled properly.

back air: gets a raccoon tail for the duration of the move and swings it. hits two times.

up air: throws cappy upwards. by holding the attack button he can keep cappy in midair for a second

down air: spin jump, sorta like super mario world. he bounces off of hit opponents. hits once and the sweetspot is on the very bottom of it

neutral specia: fireball remains but could be tweaked a bit to be more accurate to home games?

side special: cap throw, press b again to jump towards it for an extra recovery option(mario gets a hitbox while diving), which will also retrieve cappy and make you unable to use side b again until you land. no capturing, it just smacks people. by holding b you can keep cappy in place for a bit.

up special: rocket nozzle, a bit of starting lag and puts him into freefall but its quite fast and launches pretty far. it doesnt go too far horizontally so make sure to use side b before it if needed

down special: ground pound, works sorta similar to kirby's down b and new super mario bros games where you can cancel it at any time in the air. itll be fairly safe so to compensate its gonna do less damage than similar stall-then-fall down b's.

final smash: mega mushroom. he grabs one, becoming mega mario, and ground pounds, sending a powerful shockwave around him, then shrinks back with a pose. both mario and the shockwave can spike airborne opponents. near the edges of the shockwave is where its the weakest. it has a fair bit of range but can be avoided.
victory screen 1: collects a star or a moon (its random) and gives out a v sign. animated similar to the cutscenes in odyssey when you collect a story-important moon.
victory screen 2: dives offscreen into a flagpole (the flag turns into his logo), after getting off he does a spin and takes off his cap with a "oh yeah mario time!"
victory screen 3: that lil dance after completing a castle level in 3d world (at least in the 3dw style in smm2)

taunt 1: triple jumps on the spot(even though it normally shouldnt be possible) and then poses like in odyssey (with a "yes!" or "yah!")
taunt 2: does a quick spin and then a v sign, kinda like collecting a star in mario 64
taunt 3: a donkey kong reference! a barrel manifests and slowly moves towards mario, who jumps over it and it awards a point. the barrel disappears right after

idle 1: does a lil excerise
idle 2: looks around and yawns

for jumping backwards he does a backflip(backwards somersault). just generally a ton of animations referencing the mainline mario games.
wall jumping isnt going anywhere, and he can sorta wall cling, though he slides down slowly. he can crawl, but its more like crouch walking, and he can actually turn around instead of having to crawl backwards.
hes just generally more cheerful than angry
technically this is yet another mario, however you barely see him /as/ mario. instead he utilizes captures, somehow transforming into a large variety of captures throughout the match. the captures' sizes would differ less from one another than in mario odyssey, excluding the t rex.

the default form would be the frog, as its the first capture in mario odyssey. hed have a slightly lower than average running speed but with some of the highest jumps. he also has an extra jump where he becomes a paragoomba and flaps his wings.


front tilt: becomes a lakitu and swings a whole cheep cheep forwards.

up tilt:

down tilt: moe eye puts on the sunglasses. somehow this sends a small damaging shockwave. it does almost no knockback.

dash attack: becmoes a charging chuck and tackles.

forward smash: chain chomp lunges forwards. strong and has good range but very slow, comparable to dedede's fsmash.

up smash: uproot stretches upwards. has quite the range but is slow.

down smash: for a fairly quick one, becomes a poison piranha plant (no pot unlike the actual fighter) and spits poison around itself. no poison puddles will remain however.

neutral air: pokio stretches his beak and spins sideways. exactly like a move you can do in odyssey when you shake your joycons or spin with the beak extended.

forward air:

back air: ty-foo blows wind backwards. cant damage but acts similarly to the gust bellows.

up air: lava bubble does a quick spin facing upwards. not much knockback but will do plenty of fire damage.

down air:

grab: becomes a yoshi and literally just does the same grab as the separate fighter yoshi. the pummel is the same too.

forward throw: becomes a pole and hurls the enemy forwards with it.

neutral special: hammer throw. hammer bro starts throwing hammers. if you keep pressing b but move left ot right, he moves around with hops. maybe a bit weak to compensate it being spammable as hell?

side special: bullet bill quickly flies to the side, similar to charizards side b. its however a bit slower but doesnt do recoil damage.

up special: water jet. gushen flies upwards with the water jet. it can slightly be controlled sideways. the water can do some damage but not much knockback.

down special:

final smash: becomes a t rex and chomps around where it was when it used the final smash. pretty powerful attack with a fair bit of range, but can be avoided.

up taunt: cappy slightly jumps and goes "yeah!". the eyes appear during the duration of the taunt.
side taunt: mario quickly uncaptures the frog, poses while the frog is dizzy, then captures it again
down taunt: looks at his hands then says "ribbit" in a mario voice. based on part of the cutscene when you capture the frog for the first time.

idle 1: looks around. cappy's eyes will appear during this idle and stay until you do anything (excluding the up taunt).
idle 2: croaks

victory 1:
victory 2:
victory 3:

entrance: comes in with a spark pylon, with an off screen wire. the pylon then poofs away when mario leaves it, already a frog.
it sadly also makes me think to how i posted this once on a server and was outright told to my own face no one cares which upset me a lot


Welp, lets go all out:

Buzz Lightyear

jab: just some punches and kicks
forward tilt: some kick like captain falcons f tilt
up tilt: an uppercut
down tilt: that one leg thing Terry and the street fighter bois do

neutral air: something similar to mii gunner neutral air, where he spins his right arm, the one that has the Lazer
forward air: generic kick
back air: some leg thing that spikes. It looks like Lucas back air
Up air: basically the one most characters have: k i c k
down air: captain falcons down air. It also spikes

Dash attack: a spin attack just like the one from the toy story 2 game

Neutral special: lazer. Kind of a mix between zero suit Samus and bylety neutral b. It travels pretty far but its kinda weak. Just like in the toy story 2 game, you can charge it to deal more damage
Side special: he summons that one car character from toy story whose name i forgot, and it kinda works like bowser jr side b
Up special: you might think it would be his wings, but thats used for his midair jump. For his up b, he uses the anti gravity belt from toy story 2
Down special: he gets the firework sid straps to his back in the first movie, and he blows it up. he needs to let go of it before it does or he takes a lot of damage. of course, this is a recovery move

Final smash: summoning the fabled pizza planet truck, which straight up falls on the characters who get caught

Lets keep it Pixar, shall we?

Mike and Sully

now this is a double fighter, they work similarly to the ice climbers. But you can switch between who you control between them, like pyra and mythra, and thats mapped to a specific button command, I guess maybe by pressing the grab and shield buttons at the same time, so they count as 2 fighters

Sullys moveset:

Jab: two powerful punches
Forward tilt: very similar to wolf forward tilt, some kinda slash
Up tilt: some kinda dedede up tilt, but its stronger thanks to sullys horns
Down tilt: similar to f tilt but downward

Dash attack: trip

Neutral air: basically bowser neutral air
Forward air: bowser forward air
Back air: something kinda like wario back air, but it spikes
Up air: literally just bowser up air
Down air: wolf down air, and just like that move, it spikes

Neutral b: scare. You can press the button to scare opponents in front of you, which stuns them. It works like mewtwo down b, but you can charge the scare to deal some damage and launch opponents
Side b: Sully takes a door and smashes the opponents with it
Up b: this up b is pretty weak. Sully gets one of those child capsule thingies, and he uses it to launch himself. But because of his weigh, it's weak
Down b: Sully grabs Mike, and uses him as a bowling ball. Its pretty simple

Final smash: Sully roars so loudly that it causes an earthquake, and anyone close to him will take a lot of damage

Mikes moveset:

Jab: something like Pikachu jab
Forwarf tilt: a small kick, which is pretty weak
Up tilt: basically squirtle up tilt
Down tilt: diddy kong down tilt

Dash attack: roll, mostly works like banjo dash attack

Neutral air: sullys but weaker
Forward air: diddy kong forawrd air, so it spikes
Back air: some kick thats pretty weak
up air: another generic kick
down air: spin, basically mario down air

Neutral b:
Side b: mike enters a door, and another one opens where the player wants it to. Its similar to up bs like Zelda and palutena, but mostly like Greninja side b. By coming out of the door, mike can damage opponents
Up b: Mike also uses the child capsule thingy, but it works way better
Down b: Mike rides sully, who just kinda charges like a bull

Final smash: Mike puts the opponents in a door, which takes the opponents to monsters inc, where all the monsters beat them up


I am my own waifu
Just spent a couple hours hammering out a moveset for Jin from Xenoblade Chronicles 2