Which smash game is the best?



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  • Super Smash Bros. For 3DS

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  • Super Smash Bros. For WiiU

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  • Project M.

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I mean, I'll always have a soft spot for Melee, but it's probably Ultimate for the sheer amount of variety, isn't it?

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With the way the modding scene is progressing, Ultimate would eventually top Smash 4 for me.

The filesize limit for most Ultimate files recently got lifted iirc, so you could have characters that go over the poly limit. You can already put music bigger than the original ones you're replacing, and that's a major plus for me.

All Ultimate really needs now is one-slot voice mods and that'll be it. Well, if I have a Switch that is.

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I feel like every time a new Smash game gets released, I play Melee less and less and I realize how much of a jankfest that game really is. Also, Melee Ness is horrible and he feels super bad to play as so there's that.

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I like them all for their own qualities, barring vBrawl lmao. But Ultimate right now (and modded) is excellent and I've sunk too many hours playing the stupidest crap with the dumbest settings.


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it's hard to say, each Smash game's been something different to me

Smash 64 was the one I grew up with for a while, and I remember playing it an utter shitload with a LOT of different people, I've got a lot of good memories and weird childhood paranoia with it

Melee was a long, satisfying quest to unlock everything (and then later try to return to competitively) Absolute banger of a sequel, and still delivers good content today even if I don't really feel like playing it

Brawl offered the best content variety, and what was at the time a shitload of characters. I didn't care about competitive Smash then so that aspect didn't matter. It kind of looks a little ugly now, but I think it's still all around impressive for a Wii game. I still feel that this game also had the best new compositions.

Smash 4 while easily the game with the weakest memories for me, at least still had trophies, a multitude of gameplay modes and stuff to collect and do, it was the first one I really tried to get competitive in which in hindsight was kinda lame considering how stiff I felt the movement to be, and I didn't even bother shoveling out money for the DLC. No adventure mode ultimately bummed me out of this one a lot and was probably the nail in the coffin for me really getting into this one very much.

Didn't have a 3ds but Smash Run looked aight

Ultimate excited the absolute hell out of me, on par with finally getting to play Melee for the first time four years after it released, and it did not fail to deliver... for a few weeks. Since I got all the Smash 4 DLC and 3DS content for "free" that I missed out on years ago, what this game had to offer was extra overwhelming at first. The character smorgasbord and fighter balancing is absolutely fantastic, but a lot of stuff you'd come to expect was missing on release. Even now, it still feels like a fair few things are missing, like write ups for spirits so you can actually know what they are, and something like Master orders would've been nice to have again. Hell, unlocking a few stages would've been a nice quest, but I suppose after the character unlock gauntlet they thought that they probably shouldn't. Once again, somewhat lackluster singleplayer content kinda hurts it. I may have played this one more than Brawl and 4 by now though, and it's a little hard to say whether that's cause I really enjoy it more than Brawl, or just cause I want to enjoy the character roster before it gets blown to pieces next game.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna have to go with Brawl on this one. Ultimate may have been the game that hyped me the most, and was the only one I really followed development updates that came out before the game release, but Brawl offered a lot to satisfy a singleplayer experience, which was always what I needed to get longetivity out of the games. Ult and Melee would be tied for second for offering very different things, and 64 would be third for being rather crustily aged now.