If you could make a Paper Mario game, what would you put in it?

Larry Koopaling

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I'd rather treat the old villains like Bowser, Bowser Jr., the Koopalings, heck even Wario in a new interesting way - like they did in Bowsr's Fury. The Broodals from Odyssey were brand new and fit perfectly within the narrative of the game, but did not really add anything new to the plot or to the game - they could have simply been Bowser Jr./Koopalings/Boom Boom/Kamek's fights and little would have changed.

Because of what I stated above, and because I really like the Mario cast as a whole, I'd use the regular cast in a new Paper Mario as the main characters, like in Color Splash, but with a mixed up storyline, like in Origami King. New characters would of course be included, but as companions/citizens/minor villains, and each one with their own personal agenda. I believe Super Paper Mario nailed the inclusion of new characters very well.

Don Flamenco

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one common trend in mario rpgs now is fleshing out some characters to give them more personality, and i love that. older rpgs focused on introducing new characters to the universe, and while thats nice, i like a new way of looking at characters i knew for years now


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Introducing the other Mario regulars would be something I would like to see, so seeing paper versions of Donkey Kong, Daisy, Wario and Waluigi would be great and would do well in giving the series something fresh to work with, since I felt that the dynamic between Mario, Peach and Bowser has been overdone. Even if they don't get major roles, getting in would be a good start. I agree on a new antagonist, since it is of my opinion that Bowser is not necessary as the antagonist, and fortunately Paper Mario doesn't rely on Bowser to be one of the final boss phases (something Mario & Luigi is guilty of doing, even Partners in Time).

I think the idea of Things being powerful attacks is really good (just need to be reusable), at least compared to the plain Crystal Stars doing unrelated things. Related to that, Star Spirits are decent as with the Vellumentals (not sure how they work to elucidate this). Basically the power "summon" has to look like they can do that attack they claim to do. Moreover, I like the idea of being able to hire an enemy to be a partner (the implementation in Colour Splash is not very satisfactory), because the Mario series have enemies that come in a lot of variety.

Thank you for reading.