paper mario

  1. THE END

    If you could make a Paper Mario game, what would you put in it?

    PLEASE. FIRST OF ALL, THIS IS FOR IDEAS, SO IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GIVE IDEAS, DON’T COMMENT. WITH THAT OUT OF THE WAY, LET’S-A-GO! Imagine you were in charge of a Paper Mario game. Now, as always, you would like to put all of your ideas in the game. If you could, what would they be? Put them...
  2. Moon Captain Mario

    What Is The Best Paper Mario Game?

  3. Uniju

    Favourite Chapter Of The Original Paper Mario?

    Just curious what is everyone's favourite chapter from Paper Mario. I always used to like 4 when I was a kid but now I'd probably say 6. The back and forth gets a little annoying but I really like the theme and the characters. 3 is also up there it introduces the best partner plus it has a...