The Minigame Bonanza

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The Mario Party series has what must be approaching a thousand minigames. (I didn't count, that's just my guess.) Just out of curiosity... what are your favorite and least favorite minigames?
Myself, I just love Shake It Up from Mario Party 8. (I think that's what it's called) I also liked the one in Mario Party 3 where you attempt to catch a chicken. I played that with my grandmother and she loved it. She also found the 3 V 1 game where the solo player throws boulders down hill at the others absolutely hillarious.

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Favorite minigame is Mario Mechs from Mario Party 5. It's one of the most in-depth minigames in the entire series, where there's even three maps developed for it. I love all the little details in the minigame too, like if you're the lone guy, you have a radar, the UI corresponds to your firing your weapon, your shockwave, and you even have the ability to strafe. The team of three have their own UI as well, and they have also UI that lights up when they fire or when they use their dash attack. The solo player even gets a destructible machine that, when the HP gets lowered, the machine itself gets worn down over the course. Sister and I have played it to death since it's so good, and it's completely criminal that it hasn't even returned in the Top 100.