Favorite console accessory?

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Console accessories have been around as long as consoles themselves have. Which one has caught your eye as being revolutionary or just cool?

For me it's the E-Reader. An odd choice but I like it.


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Game Boy Player for sure. Playing any Game Boy game--regular, Color, or Advance--on the TV via GameCube was almost VC before VC even existed.

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Look, this is gonna sound crazy, but the Circle Pad Pro for the 3DS.

OK, admittedly that's the only accessory I have actual experience with (unless you count stuff like the Wii Classic Controller Pro as an 'accessory', which it technically is but it's also just a regular controller) but I actually genuinely enjoyed it, not solely because it gave the 3DS more controls, but because I honestly didn't like holding hte original 3DS because it hurt my hands too much and the CPP acted like an ergonomic grip in addition to the control stuff. Literally kept that thing always attached just because of that.


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Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak - Tragically under utilized but still pretty neat, it's cool taking Pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal and being able to bring them into the world of 3D via Pokemon Stadium/2.

Nintendo 64 Microphone - Pretty ambitious for it's time... if not a little inaccurate sometimes. But still, it was fun being able to talk to Pikachu.

Dreamcast VMU and Sony PocketStation - Basically memory cards with the added benefit of being able to play some mini-games on them, I guess the Nintendo equivalent would be using the GBA link cable with the Game Cube.

PokeWalker - Before the 3DS' pedometer, this little device pretty much encouraged me for a walk at least an a hour or two a day to level up my Pokemon.

Amiibo - Do these count? Kind of a shame Nintendo never made their own Skylanders/Disney Infinity type game with the Amiibo, but at least you can nab some neat bonuses with them.

Super Game Boy/Game Boy Player - Before I got my RetroN, these were nice options for playing my Game Boy games on the big screen.

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wii balance board, just the nostalgia of doing cool things with it in wii fit plus and the fact that he was actually a character in the game. lol i logged on a few months back and he was like youve not been here for 1,900 days (that is around 6 years.)


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Transfer pak was such a neat concept. Transferring data from your gb games to N64. Would have been cool to see it applied to more games. I guess the tech / concept got pushed a lot further with the GC-GBA thing.

I didn't have a Gameboy so it was also the only way I could play the original Pokemon games.

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Despite it being panned universally, the Power Glove.

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Unpopular opinion: I like the joycon straps. I don't think they're that hard to put on or remove from the joycons. I usually use them to play games with a single joycon.

I mean I don't have a lot of accessories so this is practically the best one I have. I guess the Wii balance board is cool tho.


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My cold take is that the wrist straps are fine and I'd rather have them than smashing a hole in my TV.

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The DDR pad for GameCube, it can be paired with the Gameboy player as a regular controller for your feet.


The Wii Vitality Sensor. It was such a great idea that they never even released it!


The Super Gameboy and the similar Gamecube add-on that let you play Gameboy Adance games on it.