The 3DS' grave


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It a-dead (at least in Japan). Anyway, talk about the 3DS IDK

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this game was done so dirty, as a remake it was pretty good and the new content was one of the best portrayals of Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings, plus it had some neat new villains which hasn't happened in the RPGs since Dream Team. It didn't deserve to release on a dying system and break negative sales records :'( and it certainly didn't deserve to do so badly the development team went bankrupt.

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Mario Sports Superstars is that game everyone forgets about but bloody hell I had so much tons of fun about it, and it gave me the golf and tennis appearance I wanted from Baby Luigi for YEARS on top of him appearing in horse racing and soccer and baseball. Granted, if he wasn't in it, I wouldn't be so much interested because of the game's other glaring flaws, but he IS in it, and he always makes games like 50000x funner.

Oh, and I modded Mario Kart 7 and Super Smash Bros. 3DS, both great games in their own right.

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If by dead you mean people don't play it anymore then, well, I do. Maybe most people don't though. Idk

If by dead you mean that its era has basically passed and new games are very scarcely if at all made, then yeah.

It's kind of a shame because I'm really enjoying it so far. But from what I know, the even the Switch Lite seems superior to the New 3DS XL in basically every way hardware wise aside from only having one screen. However I wouldn't know exactly because I don't have one.

I hope BIS gets a better chance in the future because it is a truly epic game, as well as other cool Mario games on there like Dream Team and 3D Land getting brought back eventually.

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If by dead you mean people don't play it anymore then, well, I do. Maybe most people don't though. Idk
People are still playing their Sega Genesis's and SNES's. I'm willing to bet people are probably still playing on Gameboys and DS's and PSP's. There will always be at least one person playing really old games on the proper functioning consoles, nostalgia is a very powerful feeling. Hell, even Doom still gets mods and that's older than even you and me.

It's not even two years since Nintendo officially pulled the plug on 3DS support, so its playerbase would still be alive and robust (you've got the 3DS modding community hell, I've played as a modded Baby Luigi in Mario Kart 7 recently). Probably not buying new games anymore though since it's redundant with the Switch.

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The 3DS/2DS line is still kicking strong as budget oriented product now. There's still great games on it.

I still play my GameCube and my Wii U despite both of them are dead.

People are still playing their 3DSes and PS Vitas (which has a dedicated loyal fanbase and even a good homebrew community) in 2020.


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In case you didn't know, the 3DS is discontinued in Japan and won't see many more releases elsewhere.


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I'm almost tempted in investing in the New 3DSXL seeing as the thumbpad for my standard 3DSXL came off.

Also man, I miss some of the little novelties it had back in it's prime like Nintendo Video and of course StreetPass.
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I'm tempted to buy a regular 2DS for...reasons, but I really hate the lack of clamshell design.


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I felt that the 3DS got a nice life, and that Nintendo did a great job to ensure its success (at the expense of the Wii U in many ways, unfortunately).

Thank you for reading.


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I still have a lot of games to play on the 3DS, and other systems, so I'm not giving them up just yet. And even if I didn't have anything more to play, well, my kids may want to play them one day :)

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I still play on my 3DS on a few occasions (recently playing Fire Emblem Awakening, and soon Fire Emblem Echoes), it's a good console, but I have to admit that I was never very attached to handheld consoles (I prefer home consoles). I have the Switch, and mainly plays in TV mode with it.

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Ha ha h a ha. I hadn't the chance to play videogames for the whole decade, but I hoarded a huge collection of 3ds games for when the time comes, and it came 2019. I don't mind that everyone's moved onto the Switch, I prefer single player anyways, getting caught up with friends or online play is just distracting from the actual content for me. AND HOO BOY do 3DS games have good content! <3

Personal ramble aside, treat games like books at a library, they all belong on the shelves for when someone has a reason to pick it up. The hype may die, but art lives on.


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Personally, Switch games < 3DS games


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No console is ever truly dead. The 3DS lives on the shelves of the gamers who still own one. It had all sorts of fantastic games on it, so it had a good run. The Switch may be the future, but there's still much to be appreciated about the past.

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I literally still use my 3DS every day, it's not my original (that I got a few months after launch, that one literally broke in two) but my New 3DS I got after it broke.

Helps that I've modded it, so I can do fun stuff like use the enhanced clock speeds of the N3DS on all games, universal screenshot function (useful since Miiverse died. YOU WILL BE AVENGED), custom themes and badges, etc.

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I have a modded 3DS too. The screenshot function blows Miiverse's out of the water, though. Most of what I've done on the other hand is just playing modded Smash 3DS and Mario Kart 7, both really nice. Bless Salty3DS.

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tbh the handheld gaming fourm is dead