Would Hellen be a good pick for Mario main cast?

Would Hellen be a good pick for Mario main cast?

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King Bowser
I wouldn't be surprised to see her given one spinoff playable appearance just to promote Luigi's Mansion 3 (happened to Honey Queen & Princess Sprixie in respective period), but does she has the chance for any further participation? And is she objectively a good addition? Her advantages might include:

*Fully portrayed story role and background (wah!)

*Mario series always lack villains and girls, even better for a villainess. We know there have been one-off villainess in RPG stories, but given Nintendo's obvious preference for 3D platformer characters, Hellen's chance of being promoted is probably higher than those.

*Could be the recurring rival for Luigi and Peach (a better re-imagination than Wa-Peach) and King Boo's consistent counterpart in Mario spinoffs.

My concern would be about EGadd, who still lacks common appearances in general Mario games as a main character. If the case is EGadd still remains unseen but Hellen gets more appearances, that would be pretty unfair, But I also see the much more likely sceneario that Hellen would end up being trapped in LM titles just like EGadd is now.
I really like her as the villain but I think she fits best in her likely one-off role for Luigi's Mansion 3. I don't think she can quite fit in without the context of Luigi's Mansion.
I'm more so hoping that the ScareScraper Luiginoids get their own gig.

Headcanon is that they're molecular reconstructions of Luigi and they've sprouted off, gaining their own personalities and they go from haunted house to haunted house catching ghosts like a cross between Ghostbusters and Scooby-Doo.
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I feel E. Gadd has more of a chance then ol' Hellen. Especially since she's a random, new ghost that doesn't really fit anywhere besides Luigi's Mansion.
No but I'm fine with her coming back in future LM games.
I wouldn't mind it but E. Gadd needs that treatment first, he seemed well on his way after the first LM when he was also incorporated into Mario Sunshine (though only as an unseen scientist who made FLUDD) and the first 2 M&L games, as well as varying influence on the Mario Party games. But then he just fizzled out for some reason until Dark Moon.
Heck, the last character to attain "series regular status" (not counting the Koopalings' grand comeback in New Super Mario Bros. Wii) was Rosalina, who debuted way back in 2007!

We are WAY overdue for some more series regulars in Mario, especially considering we could have had more by this point if they were consistent with keeping the likes of Professor E. Gadd and Toadsworth on board! If anything, just so people can stop making Geno or Waluigi the ONLY requested Super Mario characters for Super Smash Bros...! Nothing wrong with them, but it does get a little bothersome...

To answer the question though... I'm not too sure. I haven't gotten the game yet, so I can't give an accurate opinion on her.
If you want more Mario characters have a better chance of being mainstays, please keep asking for more Mario spinoffs. Spinoffs are the best way to get characters to attain mainstay status since they're so numerous and can ingrain new characters into memories.