luigi's mansion

  1. Xananab

    Is Luigi's Mansion a Survival Horror Game?

    Is it? Obviously you could say no because it's not scary, but scariness is kinda subjective. LM1 has some pretty creepy stuff for a Nintendo game, which could be pretty scary for a little kid. BTW I don't actually think it is one. I just saw some guy on GameFAQs say it was, and I thought the...
  2. Lakituthequick

    Awards Killing Game 5 - Luigi's Mansion: Redux - Read the last post

    Welcome to Awards Killing Game 5 - Luigi's Mansion: Redux! Please read this entire opening post before posting anything in this thread. Killing Games have been a staple game for the Mario Awards for a few years now, being roughly based on and inspired by Mafia and the Danganronpa series of...
  3. Dorayaki

    Would Hellen be a good pick for Mario main cast?

    I wouldn't be surprised to see her given one spinoff playable appearance just to promote Luigi's Mansion 3 (happened to Honey Queen & Princess Sprixie in respective period), but does she has the chance for any further participation? And is she objectively a good addition? Her advantages might...