luigi's mansion

  1. J

    Songs or music played in the Luigi's Mansion stage in the Super Smash Bros series

    In fact, not only the Luigi's Mansion theme, but also arrangements of music originally from Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Land can be played in the Luigi's Mansion stage for the Super Smash Bros series including Wii U and Ultimate.
  2. Jack Frost

    Is Luigi's Mansion a Survival Horror Game?

    Is it? Obviously you could say no because it's not scary, but scariness is kinda subjective. LM1 has some pretty creepy stuff for a Nintendo game, which could be pretty scary for a little kid. BTW I don't actually think it is one. I just saw some guy on GameFAQs say it was, and I thought the...
  3. Dorayaki

    Would Hellen be a good pick for Mario main cast?

    I wouldn't be surprised to see her given one spinoff playable appearance just to promote Luigi's Mansion 3 (happened to Honey Queen & Princess Sprixie in respective period), but does she has the chance for any further participation? And is she objectively a good addition? Her advantages might...