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Hello, and welcome to my Fan Creations thread! After a little encouragement, I decided to be more open in sharing my art with all of you! Because of how I really like my art, I also felt like I could say quite a number of things about them! I don't know if this sort of thing is appreciated, but if there's enough resistance about that, I will have to figuratively bite my tongue for every new entry I made.

I also felt like everybody else have superior artistic skills compared to me, even though I didn't look at everyone's. In fact, I might even say that mine is hardly a looker! You know what, let's call it that unless it's agreed that they are not as bad as I think of them.

Completed: 27th May 2011

The colouring is inspired by this fan art, which used colours to depict shading, making the colouring look minimal yet still present. Because it looked like something I could do, I decided to draw Mario characters with them. Perhaps I should revisit that colouring approach again one day.

There are actually four images (this is one of them) depicting various Mario characters' heads, and certain characters were added to represent the different spin-offs that they first appeared in. For example, Poochy is meant to represent Yoshi's Island, Kammy is to represent Paper Mario and Plum represents Camelot Sports games. You can say my holistic appreciation for Mario as a whole was felt back before I joined Mario Boards, and I am still open to celebrating spin-offs rather than deriding them. Each character shown actually have my brief opinions on them that may be different from today, so for example I expressed more fondness for Geno but right now I am not that fond of him.

I don't know how well y'all will think of something I finished so many years ago, because it is not representative of how I would draw Mario characters now. In fact, I decided to withhold the other three images. This one is probably the one that I am most comfortable showing.

Marioware Mario.png

Completed: 14th July 2018

I have a fondness of the fan idea in Mario hosting a video game company instead of Wario. As there was an Art Contest last year, I took the opportunity and drew Mario donning Wario's biker outfit with his own colours. Initially Mario is supposed to be smiling, but I felt that it is too much for me to handle, which is why Mario is scowling instead. My favourite part about depicting Mario this way is the moustache. I wanted it to be sharp like Wario's but also wanted it to keep it Mario in some way, so the compromise is to make the top portion sharp and the bottom portion Mario-like.

There were going to be four smaller pictures where Mario is replaced with Wario in certain microgames, and three of them are going to be inspired by these:

Why weren't they included? Time constraints basically. This picture was drawn for a contest, remember?

I wanted to give Mario's biker outfit colours that mirror Wario's colours, with Mario's colours shining in some spots. For example, Wario's helmet is yellow, so I made Mario's red. Because the whole image is drawn using a mouse, I had to resort to primitive black shading similar to how comic strips depict shading properly despite the lack of shading. Unfortunately, I can't help but be disappointed by the results, because in retrospect it looked garish.

Appropriately, my drawing garnered the second-to-least votes, but right now I kind of wish Koops' submission had more votes than my image because I felt that at least he's proud of his Smash Bros art. It's also from that contest that I found out that votes are more towards seeing whose idea is the most well-liked since that Pirate Goomba in the Beginner bracket managed to win. It also showed me that drawn and scanned images aren't inherently at a disadvantage since the winning entry of the Amateur bracket is of that description. To wit, the reason I preferred to do this digitally is mainly that, barring some exceptions, I didn't really like how pictures are usually shown when it's drawn and then scanned/taken a photo of, which is why I wanted to also be able to draw digitally.

Completed: 7th April 2019

This image was finished way before I got my Wacom Intuos because it's my belief that I would do better at digital drawing if I could do it in a more familiar way. In fact, most of the drawings I did before were with the usage of the mouse, which I found to be very difficult to do. The first picture I did wasn't too bad if I say so myself.

The reason I drew up this image is mainly that I rarely found what I wanted to find: Mario and Daisy interacting in a friendly and not romantically-motivated way (aka [relation]-shipping). I lamented about this until one day I decided: why don't I draw what I wanted to see myself?

My sources of colour pickers were different for Mario and Daisy, which is why Mario looked kind of different from his regular portrayal, and I think it makes him look very similar to his colouring in Super Mario 64. Daisy is based on some of the Kotabe art which is more accurate to the character. Because of the inspiration of the Kotabe art style, I attempted to imitate the shading that he usually used. It probably came off as too tame from my inspiration though.

The original sketch and the final product are also different. For one, Daisy was originally holding Mario with two hands, but when I realise that Peach runs with her hands carrying the dress, I thought it would be better if I changed it a bit. Daisy also lacked the frills at the bottom of her dress but a glance at the source allowed me to correct that mistake. Mario lacked the upper teeth earlier, but that one was also corrected. Something that didn't get corrected was that Mario's soles are wider than his shoes, whereas it's actually smaller.

I suppose it's something to be proud of, but at the same time I have a feeling that there are people that are far better in this craft than I am, which makes me feel a bit disappointed with it.

Completed: 20th October 2019

The inspiration is basically Sonic the Hedgehog's most famous official art, which depicted him in a confident and somewhat rebellious manner. I sketched Mario doing the same thing, and because I liked how he turned out, it naturally became a subject of my next piece. Usually, I use a translucent layer with black to depict more accurate lighting, but for this image, I decided to use approximate coloured lighting to simulate a painted picture because I wanted to experiment with the look. It doesn't look perfect, sad to say, but I suppose it's a pretty good effort.

The sketch also contained things that are different from the original. For one, I didn't draw Mario's shoes because it's meant to evoke Sonic's look from his first video game since his sprite lacked feet. With the wonders of infinite canvas on a computer, I might as well add the shoes, followed by the shadow. Because of the change in direction midway, I didn't get to experiment with the colouring used by one of Sonic's first official art, but the closest that I got was the shadow. Another thing is that Mario's buckles are lower because all this while I thought it's similar to how Mickey Mouse's shorts are. Similarly, the denim lines weren't present either. Goes to show that I don't always know everything about Mario until I studied the original picture better.

I picked the colours based on the Mario Moschino art, except that Mario's overalls are slightly darker than usual because I felt that the one depicted in the Mario artwork is a bit light, and also because I think it's probably not a standard thing for Mario to do.

Thank you for reading.



Justice is not limited, it is a universal quality
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Oh boy... I have drawn this...

The inspiration for this lovely picture is due to NanoPhoenix posing the question "What if Wario had a bonneter?" to the twins. Even though the responses don't allude to the image above, the thought of Baby Luigi being captured by Wario is too funny to not put it in, even though I fear it might offend somebody.

So the idea is to translate the qualities on Mario-captured enemies or characters: the things that are retained are the moustache and the eye type. Since Mario has blue eyes and a bushy moustache, a Wario-captured character would have his beady eyes, the blue lines near the eyes, and of course his moustache. To really highlight how Wario is on the agency of his captured victims, I put three things that Wario would normally do: scratch his butt, pick his nose and doing a raspberry. The raspberry part was originally showing a full set of teeth, but perhaps that might appear too uncanny for a baby, so that's the next best thing.

Thank you for reading.
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