Fictional Crushes (or characters you just found cute or something)

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Some of these are live action so uh, actual people, but I'll include them anyway.

Tommy (Power Rangers)
Future Trunks (DBZ)
Chris (Charmed)
Sam (Supernatural)
Rin (Free!)
This is my comfort character. Not a crush, due to the fact that I am 17 years old and he's underage.

This is Beebo from the Roblox game "Robot 64", which was based off of Super Mario 64 and released in 2018.

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every time i see people talking about fictional crushes its like.. how do you even know when you have a romantic attraction. what is this alien concept
but i do go through comfort characters like gloves sometimes


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Toadette, Toad, Kirby, Waddle Dee, Several Pokémon, Cream, and many other characters I find very cute.

As for those I have a crush on, well. I usually don't find many men in video games that handsome. But I if I got the chance, I would marry Oxide any chance I get. Yes, I know his temper and his whining can get annoying, but he just looks so sexy to me. He's the perfect alien to have a crush on, even if he doesn’t get along with me at all when we actually meet each-other.


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In the Mario verse, I'd say Peach. I don't really have a crush on anyone in the Simpsons, but that's mostly because I just don't think the adult characters are really cute. I will say that Lisa looks cute, but as you can clearly see, not in a crush with her.

Franziska Von Karma

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Yeah I never crushed over anyone in The Simpsons either. I guess Mr Bergstrom would be best man? Out of the women, Mrs Krabappel is sexy. I reckon lots of people would have had Laura Powers as a teenage crush while they were growing up as well.

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It's been a while since I've talked about my fangirlistic urges so might as well update.

So, if it hasn't been obvious enough, I recently got into the JJBA fandom after my curious self decided to watch it. And...


Bless these men.

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I don't tend to have video game crushes as much as I do characters that I either think are cute or Uhh Damn Haha Come Here Often? Obviously fictional characters are idealized versions of real people and I certainly wouldn't take dating them over my partners in a real life scenario, but. Also, some characters I attach to my partners specifically so I wind up ✨ liking ✨ them for that reason.

Me and my partners played a game called Blooming Panic rather recently, and I think Quest has the cutest personality, Nightowl is an absolute Cutie with a capital C when it comes to his manner of dress and his voice, NakedToaster is more teddy bear cute, and Xyx... Ugh. The British accent ruins it for me. Outside of that game, Noctis Lucis Caelum really puts the "pretty" in pretty boy. On a more Mario-related note, Rosalina is freaking gorgeous and I wish I was as majestic as her, and Pauline... Wheeeew. Love her. She rocks that suit she wears in Super Mario Odyssey. Girlfriend from Friday Night Funkin' is a beaut, too, especially thinking about how she might look if she got demon features.

I think I may have made my boyfriend attracted to Pico from Friday Night Funkin' through things I've written about him?? That's an oops on my part. (Though, if I said I regretted it, I would be lying.) My girlfriend, though, has made it abundantly clear to me that Mario is her husband that she has married, and I respect that. I think Sonic was supposed to be another husband but they have outgrown him as a result of, well, not being a teenager and in fact older than that now.


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However fictional men can make me feel things because I guess I can appreciate people my own gender looking cool. Facial hair especially makes me go ZAMN. Bonus points if you have long hair as a dude, they always pull it off and look sexy under all of it.

Other than that whatever you'd think would attract the average male adult in his early 20s (or nearing them, at least) probably works on me on a moderate extent. I find that green hair especially is a hair color commonly used on fictional humans but goddamn I love how it looks most of the time

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  • Laura Kinney
  • Jean Grey
  • Barry Allen
  • Rarity (both human and pony)
  • Fluttershy (both human and pony are very cute but i think human fluttershy is a little cuter)
  • Starfire
  • Zatanna Zatara
  • Batgirl
  • Elsa and Anna somewhat
  • Olaf
  • Raven
  • SPM / TTYD Peach
  • Goombella
  • Vivian
  • Nastasia
  • Rosalina / Cosmic Spirit when i was much younger not so much now
  • Logan / Wolverine is probably my best answer
  • Superman a little bit
  • Hal Jordan maybe
  • Human Flash Sentry
  • Mr. L
  • Prince Eric
  • Flynn Rider
  • Prince Hans
before hans went bad anyways
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I don't really have any fictional crushes, but I'd be a goddamn liar if I didn't say I universally find all the adult female villains in Precure attractive. Cuz I mean I'm lesbian and goddammit 'hot villain ladies who could probably kill me if they were real' is definitely (one of) my type(s).

Also in terms of characters I find cute, Zoe Heriot from Doctor Who is goddamn adorable to me. I know it's a live-action show so it's a real person I'm talking about here but damn, she's cute and brainy and that's awesome. I mean she once talked a goddamn computer to death by making it calculate an insoluble equation in ALGOL while wearing a feather boa. That's adorable, awesome, and so goddamn extra.
These are all videos game crushes lol
-Kid Cat(Animal Crossing)
-Bam(Animal Crossing)
-Raymond(Animal Crossing)
-Teddy(Animal Crossing)
-Mott(Animal Crossing)
-Julian(Animal Crossing)
-Slight crush on Mettaton(Undertale)

God I'm such a weirdo-



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I feel like it's pretty easy to tell who I have a crush on. I've loved Mario and Luigi for a pretty long time but only recently did it turn into a romantic attraction. I'd also be lying if I said I didn't have a crush on King Boo, too. Specifically the Luigi's Mansion version of him with the glowing purple eyes though.

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To me, I think it's super unfair to, like, "crush" over your own creations but my Protectors are the result of me going nuts over Baby Luigi. I just want to take care of the guy, push him on swings, feed him cookies and milk, give him baths, read him bedtime stories, play peekaboo with him, because I love him like a little child.


I think the closest I ever gotten to a "husbando" was Nick from Left 4 Dead 2. But fictional crushes kinda weren't a thing on me, and besides, I have a boyfriend now so...