What would a modern Donkey Kong entry look like?


First Post! (btw is there like an 'introduce yourself' board?)

What would you want it to look like? I'd still want it to be 2D, at least in game-play. It should also have all the maneuvers and stuff from the Game Boy entry. Ooh! There should be Donkey Kong Maker!

You can basically draw DK levels in ASCII art, so how would you make a new Donkey Kong level? (I don't have any ideas, honestly.)

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What it will look like: "DK fights a new enemy"

What I want: "DK reunites with his entire kong family from DKC series & DK64 for a canon platforming adventure (2d or 3d or a mix of both)"

Oh wait you meant retro dk (vs mario?)

That'd be cool too, I'd be happy with a DK GB reboot colorized in HD for the Switch. I'd be happy with any canon DK reboot tbh
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(btw is there like an 'introduce yourself' board?)
As for a modern version of the arcade DK, I would actually love to see that as like a five-buck title shadowdropped on the Switch eShop, including more levels, the ability to make your own rudimentary levels, and use those levels in the main campaign would be pretty popular imo.


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My first guess would be something along the lines of Mario vs DK for the GBA only with proper HD models and the like.


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yeag id love another mario vs donkey kong like the first game. i imagine thats the one people loved the most out of the entire series though i dont know for sure


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I am one of those who prefers the GB and GBA Donkey Kong games but I did also really enjoy the 2nd mini oriented one on the DS.

After that though, eh.

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I most definitely want an HD entry in the vein of DK 94 and Mario vs. DK GBA. The latter is one of my most nostalgic games and I had very high hopes for the DS sequel, only for it to end up nothing like its predecessor. Still fun but that style has definitely run its course now.