donkey kong

  1. Neku Sakuraba

    [RUMOR] New DK Game By The Super Mario Odyssey Team

    There's been quite a few rumors about a new DK game. Here's the article Nintendo Life published about it. Nintendo Life's source says that it will be a 2D platformer. A leaker named Zippo says that a new 2D DK game is being developed by Nintendo internally, as Retro is busy with Metroid Prime...
  2. Y

    What would a modern Donkey Kong entry look like?

    First Post! (btw is there like an 'introduce yourself' board?) What would you want it to look like? I'd still want it to be 2D, at least in game-play. It should also have all the maneuvers and stuff from the Game Boy entry. Ooh! There should be Donkey Kong Maker! You can basically draw DK...