What is your favourite flavor of ice cream?

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That's a hard question... I'd go for either marshmallow, funky banana, Kinder chocolate, candyfloss or birthday cake, but I can't pick between them.
Edit: I forgot about cherry pie and custard, that'd have to be a contender too.

John Doe

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im super basic so i like anything that involves chocolate or vanilla
chocopolitan is good because it has chocolate and vanilla, and it swaps out strawberry for choc chip which is also great (although i dont mind strawberry ice cream either)


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Cookies and cream is my primary choice, and I am partial with those with a rich chocolate flavour too. I think those with fruits mixed in the ice cream is also a delight.

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I love getting plain vanilla icecream as a base for my own additions.

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That's what's so great about it! It's yummy on its own, but you can also add pretty much whatever you want to make it even better. Vanilla doesn't clash with much.