Do you prefer new fighters to be well-known or be obscure/niche?

What's your preference on new fighters' popularity?

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Super Smash Bros. is in a very special position: no matter what the status of the fighter is, whether they are already well-known characters or they are characters from a few games from the past, they share the privilege of becoming a very well-known character that some might believe are famous all along. Every single Smash game would have a new host of characters and there is a share of well-known character and characters whose participation as a fighter gave them recognition that they would never have had.

The question presented is simple, would you have preferred that new fighters are already from a well-off position, or fighters whose obscurity could use a tuning up to make their original games more attractive?

On one hand, well-known fighters brings in the excitement, because they're practically characters that people are already well-known in the world of games so they make for a strong case on why a fan should be excited for Smash. Their well-known status would be befitting as they get to interact with other well-known fighters which is certainly a dream come true for people who wants their favourite characters from different series to fight (the most well-known example is Mario vs Sonic).

On the other hand, obscure characters may not excite as many people but they do have their fans, so it's not all that bad. Plus, their series of games might even get a publicity boost and make others more aware that the characters as being brilliant. Their renewed interest might even inspire other people to play the games, and perhaps drum up interest for a new game to be made. An example would be Kid Icarus, which managed to garner interest for his next game to be successful.

Now I know what you might be think: I prefer new fighters to be the characters I like! And that would certainly be a common opinion to have. Perhaps you could view it as: do you like the character because of the same reason many others like them (alternatively, do you like the character because a lot of people like them?), or do you feel that the lack of popularity a character got allowed you to appreciate them more as to understand why they would get in? Or perhaps the character is neither and is more of a middle ground where they are semi-popular?

Thank you for reading.


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While I consider many of my most wanted obscure/niche, they aren't by Smash standards. Middle of the road. Waluigi and Geno are popular requests though. There's surprisingly little discussion for Fawful, despite Smash being the only series anyone actively discusses possible Mario RPG reps in and his notability within M&L. Now to be fair I wish that discussion came up more often for the Mario-focused games if I hadn't murdered that horse long ago. But in terms of Smash, where the idea is at least acknowledged, he's rarely brought up for some reason. Still wouldn't call him niche compared to other things Smash has referenced.


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The thing is, Smash is about Nintendo and other video games as a whole, so when you go to focus on a character who appears in two games of a subsidiary series to a bigger series, even if that bigger series is Mario, well, not many people are gonna point fingers at the obscure parts of it, especially when you got many people who want Toad, Waluigi, and the like.

Now you may say that, well... Geno is requested, but there is one reason for that. Everyone went nuts when Sakurai said he liked the character. That's it. That made Geno stand out but if anything, without this one niche, Geno would be even more obscure than Fawful as a pick (for good reason).

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Geno has been a popular character since Melee, and Sakurai said he wanted him during Brawl, so it’s not just because of Sakurai that he’s a popular choice.

Anyway, I want characters based of potential movesets, and that’s why I want a car playable.


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I think back in the day I'd prefer to have existing characters, but nowadays the series is introducing and educating me (shoutout to short write ups for each spirit that we don't have) to a bunch of new stuff, some of which I was completely ignorant of, so I'm honestly pretty good with all this wacky obscure stuff now.

At the start, I didn't really care for Persona or Dragon Quest, but the fan art is the gateway, and little by little you get into those series' lore. Optionally you could get motivated to try a new game out, but I think we all know I can't do that, so it's just nice to think about.


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I really would like more popular characters that I know about, but niche characters always make it fun, cause when you don't know who they are you can research their series and maybe even start playing their games, which I think is the whole point of adding people like Terry (who most modern VG fans haven't heard of) or a Dragon Quest guy (whose games are barely talked about in the West).


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i honestly dont really know. im happy with both popular picks and obscure picks lmao.
my wanted range from both of these it seems. from rayman having a sizeable support base... to worm which. im only aware of one (1) other person who wants that one

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I just want less humanoid characters, less characters that can fit into a typical human frame. Quadrupeds, birds, cars/tanks, floating balls, etc are ideal. It's one reason I got so excited for Plant and wanted Metal Slug. Having an extremely diverse array of characters is what makes Smash stands out to me compared to other fighting games.

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Unless it's Bayonetta
I'd have to agree. Bayonetta is extremely questionable for many reasons.

1: It's highly unlikely that she was the true winner of the Fighter Ballot.

2: She comes from a more adult game. Some might say that Snake does as well, but they had to dial back Snake a little to make him fit.

3: As a Sega rep, she was the last one on everyone's minds. We expected someone more like Tails or Alex Kidd.


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I'd have to agree. Bayonetta is extremely questionable for many reasons.

1: It's highly unlikely that she was the true winner of the Fighter Ballot.

2: She comes from a more adult game. Some might say that Snake does as well, but they had to dial back Snake a little to make him fit.

3: As a Sega rep, she was the last one on everyone's minds. We expected someone more like Tails or Alex Kidd.
1. She wasn't. There's early datamining proof as Smash 4 DLC's was still being added that Bayonetta was planned soon after the ballot began. Her being the winner was a cover-up so as to not reveal the next Smash game too early.
2. Eh, I'm fine with a mature rep, tbh. Just the women in mature games tend to be over-the-top sultry types. If we got someone like Jill Valentine, that'd be cool.
3. A lot of people were rooting for Bayonetta, actually.


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She has a unique moveset, sure. I don't like her character, but when she was revealed, my first thought was "Well, maybe she'll be fun to play against."

That is a hard no. She's top-tier in Smash 4, to the point where if you're caught in her twists, she'll carry you off screen at 0%. Her moveset is so over-powered that she has received almost nothing but nerfs in later Smash 4 updates (one was specifically to nerf only her), and she still held top-tier. Going into Ultimate, she still has this issue, but has been nerfed to the point where she was literally broken and they had to fix her.

Her moveset is great, it's just way over-powered. If she only used her Up Special once (like every other character), I think she'd be fine, as that's my only real complaint with her moveset.


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A mix, but both need to be from top-rated/highly-regarded titles.
I like to use Smash Bros. as a way to discover worthy to play franchises.

example being it was my gateway to Fire Emblem.
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