Isn't Toadsworth kinda not so worthy recently?


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I mean, I know Toadette is the new god of the Mario franchise, but I don't feel Toadsworth is put in the best use as a pure supporting character. I don't expect him to be a player outside baseball games, but it feels like he is not even anything else now. In recent rpgs, spinoffs or mainline games, weirdly Toadette is pretty much doing everything which Toadsworth was doing in his days. (Headcanon) He retires and his granddaughter Toadette took aways his jobs.

With that Toad and Toadette are more often the main heroes in these days, I really think Toadsworth should get back the supporting jobs now.

Do you think NIntendo occasionally or intentionally forget him?
It's sad the old bean has been shoved into the background lately. Pretty much his only significant appearances lately have been in remakes, he wasn't even able to be in the most recent non-remake M&L game. In that regard, his last explicitly new role in a game was in Dream Team.

I especially hate how there's been recent instances of Peach being escorted around by a regular ass Toad, like in Color Splash's intro. Why on earth couldn't that have been Toadsworth, isn't that exactly his role?!
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This is yet another example where debuting in Super Mario does not guarantee lifelong support, just as debuting in a spin-off does not guarantee obscurity although the exception is far rarer (mainly because only a handful of characters had that happened). I kinda wish Toadsworth stuck around mainly because he's another Martinet-voiced character and he makes funny noises.

Perhaps a Super Mario Sunshine sequel is what's needed for Toadsworth to shine. I suppose it should be called Super Mario Sunshine: Bright Sun to complement Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Thank you for reading.

(EDIT: Since the post, I learned that Toadsworth was NOT voiced by Martinet)
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Eh, Toadsworth's in the same position as Kammy Koopa in that he's more or less an attempt to give Peach a non-interchangeable looking sidekick (just as how Kammy was an attempt to give Bowser a less generic looking magikoopa helper) but was supplanted by the more generic but more iconic character/mook (Toad and Kamek).
he was never worthy enough to lift the hammer of thor
I quite a bit liked Toadsworth and I didn't like seeing him gone in favor of Toad. We need more elderly characters playable in the Mario games too, and this includes E. Gadd. Would be an interesting touch to the Mario roster, and I did like Toadsworth in the Mario Baseball games.
As a Marvel Fan I must correct you.

It's Mjolnir.
i know your 14 so you probably dont know this yet but for uh future reference i'd highly reccomend you refrain from telling people "as a _ blank fan, you're wrong" when the person you are addressing is also a fan of said thing and also isn't wrong. (and in this case i am also a fan of marvel and my implication that thor has a hammer is not false) as doing so is not going to score you any kind of popularity points with anyone since people tend to not it like when you tell them that are not something that they actually are, and people tend to to not like it when you tell them they are wrong about something that they uh aren't wrong about
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