zelen posts her art if she doesnt forget to


(she/her) actual spore creature
we have a lot here this time and even a ton of spore!
i thought about the minecraft track, dragon fish, and suddenly realised i wanted to draw . a dragon fish
to make sure it was Authentic i also was listening to the song itself and took the color scheme from guardians as well

actual plush i have, sold as a generic dinosaur plushie iirc. i love him

bunch + a better remake of like the oldest creature i have saved

this wouldnt really be possible as an actual costume in rayman legends cause of the hat being too wide and the lack of sleeves but wahtever!

sometimes i make pig puns drawings. anyway heres pigeon

more flight rising fanart ???? a mix of breeds because i seem to keep getting spirals and bogsneaks on what flight rising breed are oyu quizzes

now spiral coatl for no reason other than the fact that i remembered i drew a spiral and bogsneak mix back in 2017 as well as a few others including this one

this fella

meeting with an all new world. i tried to have something inteersting and then didnt manage to again

i started doodling something in paint while looking for rayman 3 music then realised i ctually really liked how it was turning out so i dragged it over to paint.ne to finish it and im really happy with it

this dude from the spore dump earlier? get ready for their space outfit. which is an edgy teenage phase.

these i was playing through creature stage with by only eating eggs (and fruit yea). it was pretty dam fun!

im bored so im hecking around with spores launch states. heres another one from the hidden cell editor

as well as a land vehicle with air and water vehicle parts because i was given the power to do that

ok not perfect but an attempt at replicating how the rayed man in that lil cutscene looked
might reanimate it entirely with globox someday but for now thisll do

found this drawing from october 2014 of a supposed fakemon i just never finished. now this doesnt have to be a fakemon at all! they can just be a Fella

might heck around and start remaking at least some of the rayman 3 creatures in spore
so heres https://raymanpc.com/wiki/en/Bonton im genuinely kinda impressed with how it turned out

now https://raymanpc.com/wiki/en/Mawpaw
the animations arent the best doe to the limb neck but what can you really do about it its spore

this dude i actually SKETCHED OUT first (Wow!!!!)

i just started by picking three random base parts and then kept going and ended up with like. the best spaceship ive done ever?

i just started another playthrough yesterday cause i really really wanted to and there was no one to stop me. i dunno what archetype im going with im just winging it
oh fourth page??

Ray Trace

Hаppy бirтhдаy то...wаiт...iт's noт мy бirтhдаy?
Toad Teensy should have really been a costume omg


(she/her) actual spore creature
nothing much to say here weve got drawings and spores
we continue off of yesterdays post with the civ outfit of these fellas. they ended up ecologists again. i cant say im not a lil disappointed with that

what if bird. was frog

remake of an old ass creature i dont have saved anymore, half from memory and half from awful drawings from when i was 8

more remakes and a guy thats BACKWARDS

some vryte (not that the sepcies had a name or anything at the time) ocs ive made in like late 2011 and i completely forgot about them until now because i havent drawn either one since. im gonna retcon them into current vryte lores!
the girl one had absolutely no information or defining characteristics. the blue one was apparently brought in by a heron (yes a heron not a stork) and thus stood on one leg a lot?? like herons apparently do but they actually dont??

going feral over feral so i drew a thing
kinda half a doodle but fantasizing how i want my senri to look like when i get a graphics card that DOESNT warp the player textures and make me unable to make any remotely complex designs

they revealed news for that swish expansion and i just felt the need to draw galarian zapdos because the design salps

i wanna start makin an unique outfit for the rescuable teenies in all legends worlds. this one took a while to research but i think it turned out pretty good


another dump. i triede to go for some more unique body types than i do usually

i just thought about sea angels and i had to draw it

wanted to heck around with a 1px brush to see how itd look


(she/her) actual spore creature
yea not much here once more theres some im happy with though!
my brain told me to doodle toad and ??? im actually really happy with this??? considering how much trouble i keep having with toads

more varied body types!

more r3 stuff https://raymanpc.com/wiki/en/Glute https://raymanpc.com/wiki/en/Wooglah these suck really bad

redrew a thing from early 2018, which is in the same image and its really funny. [looking at my old art] how are you that small


and some aquatic willosaurs! i even tried to replicate the swimming animation with invisible limbs

also recreating stuff from spore in spore lmao. this broken down vehicle is in one of the c&c backgrounds for the creature editor

another early 2018 thing redrawn

flight rising??!?!!?!?!??! funny dragon game????! heres a mith i love miths they are the best

mario + rabbids bee .

it appears i am on a drawing spree so heres raymario in the real


(she/her) actual spore creature
this one is where i experiment with a 1px brush a lot!
eerie! i dont know where i was going with the shading but sometimes you just needa heck around

practicing the thinner lines with stuff like webbing (and also a bird wing lmao)


for osme reason i drew a Lot of angry birds doodle


i felt like another playthrough.. i actualyly havent beaten it yet! my time is being occupied by Othre Video James! just beat tribal last time

peter the piranha plant

my brain told me to draw a cool bird

and that, a day after, got me to heck around with scales like this



(she/her) actual spore creature
ive been kinda slacking off this week but also drawig WAY more with a 1px brush!

aonther attempt at a spaceship, using random base parts again. they all turned out to be boat parts. whoops

more weird critters. the green one is also wtihout modifying one of the default bodies

still kinda obsessing over mario + rabbids and i would really really like this to happen in da sequel

more adventure enviroments yippie!!! i meant to make a small town on the mountain but then got too carried away with covering it in plants so i kept it that way
also its super barren on the back lmao

remake of some old ass creatures ive kinda obsessed over for 3-4 months Only and then forgot about them forever. for some reason there was an earlier color variant that was slightly lighter in color that i never used for anything else but i have retconned it into sexual dimorphism! the girls are less colorful but buffer

ive been sitting on this oc idea for trhe past few months but basically. crocodilian lady with no info whatsoever yet


(she/her) actual spore creature
we have some doodles? and some stuff i do be pretty happy with at least!
more hidden cell editor shenanigans + me randomly remembering it actually has asymmetry and making a crab

the first king is just cranky kong here he is

so i had a yoshis island screenshot saved a bunch back and decided to redraw it in tux paint.. i LOVE how it turned out

https://tcrf.net/Proto:Pokémon_Gold_and_Silver/Spaceworld_1997_Demo/Pokémon cries

i actually got my ass up and drew globox again wow! god i need to draw him way WAY more often than that

another yoshis island thing from nep enuts domain. this looked better in my head

wanted to try out a kinda fur pattern but it ended up looking ilke leaves instead so i ran with it

at least make sure the artifacts you dump on your planet for storage arent haunted!
also this looks super messy but i swear ive packed a buncha lil details in it try to look at it up close?

rotten mushrooms designs slap so heres dode


(she/her) actual spore creature
more laziness? but look theres globox also

spent a stupid amount of time REDRESSING this maxis creature to have a stupid looking jacket with stupid looking pants instead of whatever the og was because i dunno

more enviroments! more moss on big rocks !
also i actually remembered to set a setting for picture size this time so now its 2880x1800

i had a rayman fan cahracter idea since MARCH and it took so long to finally act on it. Yea so theres two of them also though one is much less developed! neither of them have names!

i love doodling one of my cats like she is just a silhouette


feral is good. or fer.al . anyway heres my senri

doodle while my itnernet was DEAD

I;m thinking about thos Gulpits
just in case lemme know if the rayman pics break because the server i originally uploaded them on just kinda.. died. not gonna elaborate on dat


(she/her) actual spore creature
no drawings for several days but then i went off the rails with doodles.and then about half of this is spore
a cell based off of these crop circles you see sometimes. i think. the screenshot with this one (on the right) is from 2016 so i dont know for sure

felt like remaking some really old creatures. here we have Weird Toothy Thing, Horse Bird, Ice Dragon Gator and Fire Dragon Gator

you know when the lil cowards just stand on their lil platform and keep making chomps and refuse to actually get anywhere near you

actually finished a playthrough this time, went with bards! also they name is literally Gator

more remakes! theyre always fun to do you cant judge me

you know that mario pic

im really in a doodling mood it seems so im looking at my art from like 2014 (the tiny ones here) and wondering how id draw it now. yes im so sorry for mlp.

a random very vivid idea of a plant monster head/neck design came to my head and i had to act on it


(she/her) actual spore creature
we have some pretty interesting ones here!
i like that wallpaper somewhere in peachs castle in mario 64 so heres a tux paint drawing based on it

actually had a drawin idea so heres a flamingo

random toad designs theres a lot you could do here! also some headcanon thrown in there why not

ocs from around 2014, of a species that was very common on a site at the time. i have no idea what kinda creachers they are now! the green/cyan one is midiori, the orange one is fai(like fi in fire). i have two others id like to draw later on too!

oc doodle

me and my friend both decided to make an anomalocaris after seeing a tweet, and then theres feathery bird man and scuttlebug 2

havent done a skin in a while so heres another attempt at lemmy

youve seen lakitu fishing in water. fishing in cold water. fishing in sand. fishing in poison. now get ready for fishing in Lava

butch hartman did a thing and everyone was replying with their own better sonic drawings and even i wanted to draw one. from memory no less

the smw prototype leaks are also giving me a fair bit of drawing material!!!! heres this one

another leaked prototype, super donkey. i resprited the player character into rayman because yea


(she/her) actual spore creature
we got marios we got linguini
lasagna? louis?

spore teensy! clothes look stupid though but you know.. spore

wanted to draw marios hair

made that early yoshi in sculptgl. also someone pinged me with a delet this meme calling it cursed directly to my face so thats fun

more flight rising. heres a sorta water noggle

colored a mario paint thing! https://www.spriters-resource.com/snes/mariopaint/sheet/40868/

epic typo lead to this (heres rat mario by the way, from jan 1)

remembered i used to do pokemon fusions! so heres a more unique thingy with parts from fearow (only the body and neck though), winter sawsbuck, zweilous, charmeleon and archeops


(she/her) actual spore creature
this one contains starting smaugust a week late so im starting to catch up for now
for some reason were starting off with a 3 sec long doodle

an event on the 1up world discord!
for the make-a-partner event!!! i dont know what she would do in battle besides like, having a gimmick where she can become angy and it acts like that berserk status that was going to be in pm64 at some point (iirc the character becomes stronger but acts on their own recklessly). field ability is probably just flight with added verticality!

baby bowser when he actually had a distinct design

just mindlessly drew a fishie and fully indulged into my aesthetic with the colors

for a few weeks straight i just KEPT forgetting to play spore so i got to it and made some critters

and then another adventure thing a day later. ended up kinda similar to the bridge one, and not as cool, but im happy with it anyway

more 3 sec long doodles but i just love how the raven in the bottom right turned out for no reason

and heres smaugust, starting to catch up! using this prompt list

and the second one, went for something unique with a cave painting look. it ended up not fitting much with the prompt but im still very happy with it!

the third one. i gave them a whole bunch of feelers because its gonna be pretty useful for cave animals

and finally for now, dog

for the last one heres that rayman oc i made a month ago and havent drawn since. i Finally gave her a name. looking forward to drawing her more often