What brings you comfort?

Killsy Cat

I'm the prettiest girl you ever met
A topic to help out the stress by sharing advise that may or not work?
What calms you down when things to get rough?
Mine has to be fuzzy things, plushes, animals and puppets, they feel so warm and I feel safe around them, it also brings back memories of my childhood.
Another thing is tropical settings, they always have a feel good theme going on, among my favorite instruments, guitars and steel drums also show up a lot, Seaside Hill is my favorite Sonic stage and I love SpongeBob to give more examples
And finally, and this is going to sound weird, VHS tapes, I love the Medicore quality, the previews and the fact someone can still find joy in the outdated, it reminds me that the world I grew up in never left, it simply grew


King of cowards.
Defitinitely drawing. On paper.

Whatever I am drawing, I start forgetting about anything else. I just wanna make the drawing look nice. And that is honestly what makes it so good, I'm in full control over it. No one is dictating me, and no one is watching. It's only me and me. And my trusty pencil.

Otherwise things that tend to sooth me are thoughts of my future when I'm actually envisioning a life that's perfect for me. Not when I am trying to figure out what it's gonna be like. I always get lost in thoughts when I start dreaming about things I could do, what could happen, if I get kids, how will I raise them, and who's the mother of those kids, what's my job gonna be like, but in an ideal universe where everything works the way I want it.

Also I really like windy, grey cloud weathers. The sun is blocked and thus my eyesight isn't bothered, and it's so comfortably chilly and when there's little droplets of rain, that is the best icing on any cake I can ask for.


I'd never walk Cornelia Street again.
a few things such as watching a series that i really really like such as Sailor Moon, listening to music, playing mario games and of course drawing.