What is your favorite Console [Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft]

Professor E. Gadd

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Wii U is best home console (unless Switch surpasses it later on). 3DS is best handheld.

In terms of Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft/Sega, I really can't say since I only have Nintendo consoles.

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Lovin' the Switch right now. I'd like the PC more than I do, but every computer I've ever had has something to wrong with it within the first few days of ownership. Nothing big for that moment, but mainly just annoyances in the long run.


The Shadow of the Cemetery
Nintendo: Currently a tie between the GameCube and the Switch.
SEGA: Currently a tie between the Genesis/Mega Drive and the Dreamcast.
Microsoft: Xbox 360.
Sony: PlayStation 2.

Edelgard von Hresvelg

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I'm mostly a Nintendo guy, and I absolutely love the Gamecube, but the Switch is slowly taking over. Lots of great games on it.


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Nintendo: Switch is my favourite, though the Wii, and GameCube are a close second and third
Sega: Don’t own any, however if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the Dreamcast
Microsoft: Pc, I don’t own any Xbox consoles and I never will own one
Sony: PS2, my family doesn’t own anything Playstation anymore, everything belongs to either my eldest sister or my eldest brother now
Other: Undecided