How would a "Maker" type of game for other sub-series work?


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So, Mario Maker became a pretty big thing, Mario Vs DK and Wrecking Crew have level editors, Warioware DIY exists, how far can we take it?

To me, the most curious one I am about is the 3D games in the Mario series, I'd imagine that it be the hardest to make work, it's very complicated stuff, I'd feel it would have to be scaled down even compared to the 2D Mario Maker to make it work

In contrast, the original DK style in the arcade and Gameboy games and the first Mario Vs. Donkey Kong would be the easiest to make it work, from what I heard, a level editor was planned for Mario Vs. DK 1 anyways, I feel like it can be really fun, more of a puzzle game than a straight up platformer
It wouldn't.

Except for maybe DK Country and Mario Party. Mario Party you could make your own boards with different themes, and then add decor around it to make it more unique.


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I'm sure Mario Party could throw together some crappy board editor thing if they wanted to.


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I know this is The Marioverse, but do check out Adventure Maker. Basically, it's an in-progress engine meant to show how a The Legend of Zelda Maker would be like.

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While I wouldn't be particularly interested in it personally, I feel like a 3D Mario Maker in the sandbox style could be plausible. You could start with a blank area and then build up structures and terrain, add obstacles, place enemies and hide collectables. You could have different themes based on Super Mario 64/DS, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Odyssey, which could allow you to use some of Mario's unique moves from the game, even if it is a somewhat limited moveset. I think that concept would be more likely than one in which you create more linear 3D levels in the style of Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario 3D World.


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I could definitely see a track maker in the next new Mario Kart being a thing, also Wario Land/Yoshi/Donkey Kong Country Makers.

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If they somehow pull off a track maker but no options for custom paint and otherwise modding kart parts, I think I'll pump one of my brain fibers.


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Why do we even need a track maker? We already have at least two F-ZERO course makers.

(Hey, I never said they were available here, did I?)

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The only two track editors in F-Zero lie within the two Japan-only games in the series.

Coincidence? I think NOT!

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Paper Mario Maker, also with a partner maker. Just slap outfits on a random Mario enemy, and call it "Butts" and you're off to save total mass destruction of the world.


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I would settle for a Mario Golf Maker, where you form and level your own courses. In fact, I think that this is practically one of the few sport games where level design can be viable. It would be unfortunate what some naughty fellers would do with it, but I think it's going to be worth it to make our own courses.

Perhaps this would be the most defining feature in a new Mario Golf Switch game.

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