Prospect of Wart being in future main or spin-off titles?


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For those that are unaware, Link’s Awakening is being remade with a top down 3D style, and we know Mario elements are intact as Chain Chomp is in the trailer. Admittedly, I never played Zelda games before, not my cup of tea, BUT there happens to be a character named “Mamu” who is clearly Wart, according to the Super Mario Wiki. With that in mind, Link’s Awakening might be the first game to feature a fully 3D model of Wart. Do you think this’ll open more doors for Wart to appear in future main or spin-off titles? We finally got Pauline in Mario Tennis Aces thanks to her appearance in Odyssey, so anything is possible!


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Ah to hell with Wart. Wheres Phanto?


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We already got a SMB2 boss who returned in the franchise, alongside some enemies: Birdo, Shy Guy, Bob-omb, Pokey....

So I guess they brought back enough characters. Plus, Wart isn't the most creative boss and he's really weak.


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honestly i doubt it but i hope. id gladly take any aknolwedgements of smb2's existence that arent just common enemies originating from it being in a game
I don't think so. They'll probably redesign him to look like a normal frog or something. But even if he appeared again you don't even see anyone giving a crap about him ( :(), so I don't think he'll start appearing everywhere after this game. It's also possible that people who've never played the original game and never cared about beating a 30 year old mario game will think Wart is just a Zelda character and forget about him lol.

It's not that I dislike him, but literally nobody ever talks about him and I don't see riots and protests for his comeback outside Nintendo's Headquarters if he doesn't appear again lol. Unless they make him more interesting in some way like they did with Bowser after his debut in following games I can't see how he would come back.

Also I can't see why the hell did they only bring back Birdo out of all the awesome minions the guy had. I swear I'd bring back Wart solely to see his henchmen again. I want Fryguy back.

And I want Phantos back dammit!

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Leave out Wart. He's nothing.
Not really but admitedly Bowser is a lot cooler than he is.

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I mean people already got gifted King K Rool in Smash, do we need another big mean green king thing to start reappearing?

Fun fact first time I saw K Rool I thought it was a 3D model of Wart.


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There is nothing notable about Wart. Even back in the day Wart was lame. Bowser at least had a creative design to work and expand from. Why waste time on something that was never good? Bowser has had henchmen that are more visually interesting and noteworthy than Wart is.

The only reason why anyone cares about Wart is because he's the only "Super Mario Bros" game that doesn't have Bowser in it.

So yeah. Bring back Phanto. That thing is dangerous.


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I find it a incredibly missed opportunity that there was not even so much as a reference to him or the Subcon in Dream Team, so it would be cool if he was utilize as a secret boss fight.

Alternatively, I'd also like to see a mainline game where Bowser, Wart and Tatanga team up to get revenge on the Bros. knowing full well that probably will never happen.


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Nintendo: *Announces 3D remake of Link's Awakening*


Seriously, of all the talk I heard about the remake, Wart comes up the most. Watch them just not include him for some reason :bowser:


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Or it's just a cute nostalgia reference.

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Ok, so hot take. I'm probably just saying this because I love Super Mario Bros 2. for nostalgia reasons, but Wart, is awesome! I like his design, he doesn't look as strong or as intimidating as Bowser. Almost slightly insecure, which I think looks kind of cute in a weird way. He'd make a cool Miniboss, or maybe fake out final boss. Anyway it seems that most people hate him, so I'm sorry that I'm stupid.

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Wart had a lot of missed opportunities to help him stand out from Bowser, so in the end, he's just not all that interesting. I give you, he was fodder for King Koopa's design.


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I don't hate Wart I just find him to be pretty forgettable.

I'd sooner suggest bringing back Tatanga and he was pretty bland too.


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I think it's a crying shame he hasn't shown up even in spinoff rosters, same with Tatanga. They've got nostalgic appeal and some Big Bads other than Bowser & his forces would add some nice variety. I'm not knocking Bowser here, I just think a series should embrace its minor antagonists too, in addition to the one most often used.

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The Mario series just seems to be pretty restrictive in terms of throwing a bone to particular older games. Kirby frequently references earlier games with all those collectibles and even playable villains from those games (even the laughable Dark Nebula gets some content, even Drawcia got a successor even though Kirby Canvas Curse looked like to be some random spinoff). While I don't want Wart to play some major role again, just having him appear in a background of Luigi's Dreams or some hints of Tatanga in Mario's bedroom (like a toy spaceship) would be really neat references. We thought Odyssey had something more going when we saw the street names in New Donk City, but that (as I predicted) amounted to nothing.

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On the one hand, Wart was lame and boring and I don't want him replacing Bowser again.

On the other hand, the fact that Zelda's referenced Wart and Mario hasn't really says a lot about how little Mario cares about its history.

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Mario does care about its history, I just think it's really selective, maybe even self-contained in the subseries? We do get references all the time, though; we got Pauline back, we got a lot of callbacks to the original Donkey Kong. But no Mini Marios? No references to the Game Boy Donkey Kong? Super Mario Bros. 2 barely gets any references, not even in Super Mario 3D World where you have the same line-up, same abilities, but like the only reference we get is, what, a music in some bonus gauntlet? Mario Party? Contained to its own series. Even Mario Kart gets almost nothing though we had the occasional rainbow road (but in Galaxy 2, it's not even the music...) and that one track in Super Mario 3D World.


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Well, we've gotten dozens of references to super mario bros 2 over the years (3d world is full of em) just not Wart specifically.


I think the main thing keeping Wart from coming back is the fact that Super Mario Bros. 2 was all just a dream Mario was having. But the fact that he also appears in Link's Awakening, where the setting of Koholint Island is also a dream (specifically that of the Wind Fish), do raise a couple of eyebrows. Sure you could chalk it up as a mere cameo, but if they did wanna bring Wart back, that's a detail worth expanding on to make the character more interesting!

Is Wart some kind of supernatural being that can travel between dreams? Is he a common idea seen differently depending on whose dream he's in (thus affecting his personality)? Did he originate from "the dream world", or did he come from the real world and somehow got trapped there (and if yes, were the Pi'illos involved with this)? Perhaps his shenanigans in SMB2 was ultimately to try and escape the dream world?

These are all just ideas of mine, but a little backstory can go a long way in establishing a character's identity (especially considering Wart comes from a time when video game characters had much simpler stories)!