Prospect of Wart being in future main or spin-off titles?

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I doubt lore implications are what keeps Wart from appearing again.

They simply have no reason to bring him back. Is he really that important a character? What did he do? What's his gig? His deal? Is there anything about him that should make me care about him?

BUT UH ORIGINAL CHARACTER WHO IS NOT IN THE MAIN CAST wait now you're telling me the main cast ain't good enough and that we have to expand it for no particular reason for the sake of diversity in a game that isn't story-driven? Ok, cool, you do that, while I enjoy my platformer where I end up just playing as Mario or Luigi anyway and kill whoever the fuck is dumb enough to be in the level I'm playing.


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I think the main thing keeping Wart from coming back is the fact that Super Mario Bros. 2 was all just a dream Mario was having. But the fact that he also appears in Link's Awakening, where the setting of Koholint Island is also a dream (specifically that of the Wind Fish), do raise a couple of eyebrows. Sure you could chalk it up as a mere cameo, but if they did wanna bring Wart back, that's a detail worth expanding on to make the character more interesting!
I mean, I had existing characters prop up in my dreams multiple, multiple, multiple times. In fact, existing characters are much more likely to appear in my dreams than made-up ones. It really isn't out of the realm of possibility that Wart is real.


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The real reason is that he's too similar to Bowser. I mean why replace one of the more popular characters in the franchise with one similar but not as well liked?

The other non-Bowser villains in the series at least had their own gimmicks and the only one that directly copied Bowser existed specifically to get beaten up by him.


Well I'm not saying they HAVE to bring Wart back, nor am I saying they NEED to. Heck, personally I'm neutral towards the guy.

And there is definitely nothing wrong with the main cast at all in anyway. But, I don't think it's right to say the story for the Mario series SHOULD remain simplistic. You get what you ask for, but at the same time, if you say nothing, people will give you what they think you'll like. If people say they don't want a certain thing (or never speak up on actually wanting it), the developers won't do it, because money's at stake. So I don't think it's right to limit anything to only what we've known it for. The series won't become something more if we keep thinking it can't. Not saying it should stray away from what made it so phenomenal, but there's always room for improvement, no matter the subject.

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That's true though I still think elegance is what's at the core of Mario, so I don't expect Mario games to ever really be too hard to follow, even in terms of character amount. IMO I think Mario kinda cycles through relevant characters. Rosalina used to be in the spotlight but she's now spinoff fodder. Same with Wario. I've a feeling they'll do the same with Pauline.




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