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Always remembering Walkazo


Always remembering Walkazo
Mario Kart Wii's ending photo has them both on Yoshi.
J-Yoshi64 said:
Dr. Baby Luigi said:
First of all, *bleep* Yoshi.
Excuse you. :yoshi:
pardon my russian but you would be miffed too if your first lootbox unlock was your least favorite character

YoshiFlutterJump said:
Guys don't you see

Yoshi never let Baby Luigi ride him so Baby Luigi has an eternal grudge against Yoshi and has spent his entire life doing awful things to him

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Rest in Peace Walkazo 1991-2016
I am glad I have Dr. Peach who is pretty sweet if you ask me. I also have Dr. Toad who is also cool I guess. But I'm hoping for Dr. Toadette. She's even more exciting than Dr. Toad.

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You got it out of the way then. Imagine actually needing that but not getting it when you do. Now you won't have to worry about that.


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Yep, same pose.

Dr. Wario doing his "muscle flexing" pose, which we have seen him in that pose "a hundred times".

And as always, an energetic pose for Dr. Daisy.
When you put the pose that way for juxtaposing, it's not so bad. I was expecting a largely 1:1 pose similar to how you described Wario, but I don't see the sheer similarity that has been implied by the wording. Namely, Waluigi's skating pose has his right leg being behind, while in the Dr. Mario pose they are both lined up.

Thank you for reading.
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After a very long streak of bad luck with the random staffing, from multiple low-use assistants (and even duplicates of said assistants) and no doctors besides Mario, I finally got Dr. Yoshi.

At last I can rest in peace.

EDIT: And the very next day I get a duplicate Dr. Yoshi, increasing his skill level. My luck is finally starting to turn around.
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This has got to be one of the weirdest oversights I've ever seen in a Nintendo game. Wonder why they didn't just fix it right then and there, too; surely it can't be too hard to fix?


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Leaderboards is inaccessible during maintenance.

It is weird that in the notification, they have finished maintenance, yet we can't see the leaderboards.

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I assume we are getting DK and Diddy, Rosa and Luma in pairs, since there doesn't seem to be a set number of which characters are released, we might get our first alts in October due to Halloween