Which NIWA wikis do you edit?

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I thought this thread would best fit here as opposed to another board, even though this isn't directly related to the Super Mario Wiki. Which of the NIWA wikis are you a registered user on and have contributed at least one edit to?

For me, it's these:
-WiKirby (active)
-Super Mario Wiki (mostly inactive)
-Nintendo Wiki (inactive)

Princess Mario

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I edited WiKirby years ago and it's been a while since I lasted edited Noookipedia, but so far it's those two wikis besides MarioWiki. I'm not super active in MarioWiki and I doubt I will be again, just lost the last shred of motivation.

Sheldon Cooper

MarioWiki, I'm inactive for now. And also SmashWiki, I'm on hiatus there.

Rinka Hayami

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MarioWiki was the only Wiki I ever contributed to, not just NIWA, but in the entire internet.

Though I have frequently just visited other NIWA wikis, namely ZeldaWiki, Bulbapedia, SmashWiki, and Fire Emblem Wiki.

Dat about it. I don't edit anymore, but I mean if something needs fixing that I happen to stumble upon, ok.


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I created http://niwanetwork.org/wiki/Tube_Slider:_The_Championship_of_Future_Formula and was handsomely rewarded with a $20 gift card for this public service


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I mainly edit the Mario Wiki although I also edit Inkipedia on occasion.


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Mario Wiki is the only one I put any effort into. Was in SmashWiki's chat once, and I may have done like one or two edits on Bulbapedia.


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And MarioWiki of course. But I lost a great deal of motivation for editing there these days. You're not going to see me make much edits outside of very minor random maintenance edits, some voting in proposals, and some Shroom Spotlight stuff.

Hondo Ohnaka

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I discovered the boards via editing Mario Wiki. I never do it now though, way to much IRL stuff going on.

Rinka Hayami

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So I did say I don't edit the FE wiki, but I found this paragraph and if anyone here wrote it, then I seriously applaud you. This is easily one of the best things I've read in any wiki.

Kurthnaga is one of the last units in the game, and he is forced into your party for the Tower of Guidance at a severe level disadvantage. He seems to be dead weight at first glance, but he is surprisingly easy to train up to snuff. His biggest saving grace is the fact that no enemies in Rebirth part 3 will attack him. Slap Dragonfoe and Paragon on him, kick back, and have a laugh. After he single-handedly clears out Dheginsea and his entire cohort, he will have built up solid bulk due to his great HP and above-average defense and resistance. Combine this with his high strength, solid Strike rank, and innate 1-2 range, and Kurthnaga will be able to pull his weight for the final two battles.

Boo Diddly

I used to edit the MarioWiki a lot but I'm pretty much retired now. I had accounts on others like SmashWiki, WiKirby, and Bulbapedia but I barely did anything on there.