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I love theming after games I have never played!
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Woooow this was low key! Amazing what happens when I don't shill at all of you because I'm dying from too many things, huh? I'm gonna have to fix that next month...


#04: Baba - 4
#20: Super Arrow - 3
#33: Dai San Gen - 3
#27: Draq - 1
#31: Lucy Liberty - 1
#33: Lisa Brilliant - 1
#37: Lily Flyer - 1
#N/A: Clank Hughes - 1



Reko Yabusame

I love theming after games I have never played!
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Voting closes January 30th!

#12: Kate Alen
#14: Jack Levin
#17: Antonio Guster
#20: Super Arrow
#21: Mrs. Arrow
#23: Silver Neelsen
#24: Michael Chain
#26: John Tanaka
#27: Draq
#28: Roger Buster
#29: Dr. Clash
#33: Dai San Gen
#35: Daigoroh
#37: Lily Flyer
#31: Lucy Liberty
#32: Miss Killer/Luna Ryder
#33: Lisa Brilliant
#N/A: Clank Hughes

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hello it is me john draq and I would like you to vote for draq



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Well, this is interesting. I've been voting Super Arrow for a while now (off and on, admittedly) and now I see he actually has a chance for this month.

Let's try and make that actually happen.

Let me tell you why this guy, Super Arrow, deserves the spotlight for this month. (My F-Zero knowledge overall is pretty limited, but I'll use what's available to me.)

First of all, perhaps the most obvious of reasons, the guy is a freaking superhero. Sure, being buff and flashy isn't anything new in the F-Zero universe, but Super Arrow takes it a step further.

It is his job to protect the Earth from intergalactic criminals. Sure, Captain Falcon may appear to be so himself, but that's simply an occurrence of being in the right place at the right time. Falcon does not have the title of "superhero".

Super Arrow may not have the almighty Falcon Punch, but he is fully capable of flight. That's right, the guy can take off with enough speed. What's more, he's even skilled with the guitar. Let's see your beloved Captain Falcon do either of those.

Now as for why Super Arrow entered the race in the first place? Why would a superhero who is dedicated to protecting Earth waste time with a high-speed demolition derby? Well, the answer is simple.

Zoda is one of those intergalactic criminals that Super Arrow has been chasing. In fact, Zoda is his direct arch-nemesis. Once Super Arrow heard Zoda was partaking in the F-Zero races, he immediately jumped on board himself to chase down the fiend.

What's hilarious is the guy's never actually driven before! Not once! He didn't even have a license! He had to quickly register for one just so he could enter the races.

There is one additional issue, and perhaps the most important thing to have to enter a race: He didn't even have a car. Well, that leads us to the next reason why this guy is cool.

This lass here is Mrs. Arrow. As you might expect with a name like that, she's Super Arrow's wife. She was an F-Zero model, who helped her husband learn how to drive and partook in the races herself to aid in Zoda's capture.

The Arrows have a friend called Professor Hallow, who built their gear and their racing machines. Mrs. Arrow's machine, the Queen Meteor, was already built, so Super Arrow's machine, the King Meteor, was based off of it.

The two Meteors share the same stats. A B in both Boost and Grip... but an E in Body. The machines have great handling, but can't take a hit. Maybe they think the Arrows have some impervious superskin?

And finally, the best reason of them all...

He's a dad! The two Arrows have a child to watch over, as is implied by Captain Falcon's character video. The guy's got a whole life going for him! What's not to love?

There's a lot we don't know about Super Arrow. True to his theme, no one knows his real identity. I assume his role is similar in the anime, but I don't have enough info to be sure. What I've given you is a basic overview, but there's a lot to go over.

Let's get Super Arrow the spotlight he deserves and uncover as much about him as we can.