Mach Speed Mayhem (Superchao 'Shroom Section)


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play Crazy Taxi

might swap to Princia to get an AX character in before the year ends, however


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Dr. Stewart

First four deserve coverage as soon as possible!

Thank you for reading.

Hibiki Tachibana

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#01: Mighty Gazelle - 6 votes
#36: Princia Ramode - 4 votes
#N/A: Mr. Zero - 4 votes
#32: Digi-Boy - 3 votes
#03: Dr. Stewart - 3 votes
#31: Don Genie - 3 votes
#37: Lily Flyer - 2 votes
#38: PJ - 2 votes
#33: Lisa Brilliant - 1 vote
#39: QQQ - 1 vote
#19: Leon - 1 vote
#31: Lucy Liberty - 1 vote
#34: Spade - 1 vote

It's time for a scientific revolution when we learn about Mighty Gazelle! See you in two weeks for the issue!

As a heads up, there will be no voting period for December's issue. I've already pre-picked a character who fits the theme, and I want to give you all a break from my shilling for a month anyway. So voting will resume as normal once we're past the special issue!