Moldomré's Art: Recolors, Sprites, Bad Photo Edits, 'n Junk Like That

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New paper-drawn art!

I decided to make up for pink Mario by making normal Mario! I used a thinner tipped pen for Mario's head. And also, yes, the left hand was intended to face that way. Now that I look at it I'm kinda put off. Otherwise, I'm happy with how it turned out.

Up next, a crossover!

For those unfamiliar with the comic series Peanuts, this is one strange site. For those familiar...actually this is a strange site. This is Yoshi looking at the bird Woodstock, very confused as to why this little yellow bird has landed on his nose.

I haven't taken LGM's advice to heart yet (because I forgot to write it down XD), but I hope you enjoy these! Tell me any advice, criticism, or just plain comments about it.

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Re: Moldomré's Collection of Sprites & More

I know how it feels to draw hands and fingers Moldo.

Just as a lot of us do it and keep yapping, always try to either place yourself in front of a mirror and do a pose similar to the one you need to draw or just position your own hand in front of you to be able to know how to draw it right. You could also use official artwork of Mario with his hand tilted that way, so that works too. The point is, and it has been said numerous times by many people on this forum, it's important to use reference.

It does look pretty good, though, nice work!
The DK Emoji IRL said:
I'm fiddling with some official Mario artwork in an attempt to revitalize my art thread.
I'm back.

I got the (basically) right Pink color! Compare the two pics above (the bottom one isn't mine, obviously)!

Dr. Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's OG Woo Meister

Mario's ears are tinnny. Remember, they're a little taller than they are wide, and if you look at a picture of Mario, top of the ears correspond with the top of the eyes, bottom of the ears correspond with the bottom of the nose. Also, since you're doing perspective, less of the left side should show, so you shouldn't be seeing the hair, and the ears should either be not visible or just barely visible.

Overalls wrap around the body, so just draw a curve where the red meets the blue, under the armpit, and have the overall straps curve over the shoulder too.

But this is pretty cute, I hope you draw more Marios! :)
J — Pony Disguise said:
Recoloring is fun!
Speaking of which, this is an older creation; since it involves Weegee, I figured I would post it now that L64DD's back:

It never really was finished (apparent in the pants and left arm), but it's some Luigi's Mansion artwork recolored to be Fire Luigi.
I have some other stuff but it'll have to be posted later.
Sorry for the long bump, but I realized that I posted some drawings on my Twitter a while back and didn't post them here!

Professor E. Gadd (holding a F.L.U.D.D. box)

The Toad Brigade Crew (Purple/Mail Toad on bottom left btw; the color was washed out)

Still not good with arms (most evident with Hint/Blue Toad's left arm, stretched more than it should be), but I think I've been getting better (kinda) since I drew these.

EDIT: You can also see some rejected drawings for the Toad Brigade (Yellow Toad next to Green Toad; Captain Toad on the bottom)
Here's some pics I'm using for my new theme! (spoilered due to size)

My avatar, which I drew quite a while back, which features me and TG.

The first pic in the sig, the sharp-dressed Luigi64DD!

LGM from memory, so I couldn't remember if the green or brown were switched or not (they're correct tho I believe). She also features her bazooka from her current Mario Wiki name.

I was going to do Russian Baby Luigi from memory, but that proved to be too complex, so I just stuck with good ol' vanilla Baby Luigi to represent BLOF. Also, apologies for the huge heads on almost everybody (especially Baby Luigi; sorry about that chin buddy).

Also, I totally know how to draw Koops...maybe...


If you find any good Marie fanart, send it here!
To quote Thanos, "This... does put a smile on my face." Nice job! I should note that you forgot the tiny detail of my cap saying "64DD" rather than "L", but that's such a small detail it doesn't matter. It's impressive that you did some of these from memory. Were they all from memory or was that just the twins?


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The fact that it was all from memory is really impressive! I didn't realize that for some reason, upon rereading I do.

EDIT: Changed some phrasing.

Dr. Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's OG Woo Meister
If you wanna refresher on how my character is colored, just scan the Smash 4 art of Mario and also, the eyes are green, but you can make them blue. Colored contacts ftw.

Dr. Baby Luigi

Mushroom Kingdom's Most Adorable Doctor
Hey great job on the Baby Luigi he looks really cute! I do apologize for my characters more unique appearance but I do wish you can attempt him at some point, I would really appreciate it!

And I don't mind the chin! My character has a chin and a neck too, he's pretty much an elongated Baby Luigi with a skinny jaw.

Marie said:
Were they all from memory or was that just the twins?
Honestly, I started yours as regular Weegee, then halfway through changed to you, so that explains the normal L. Also, technically almost all my drawings (besides the ones here) are from memory except Baby Luigi. I've never drawn any of the baby characters and had to refer to my plushie of him for that.

Revenant Archagent said:
Do you think yours truly could be represented in this gaggle of greatness?
If I were to add you, I'd need a character that could represent you. And also, I just did the people that I've "known" the longest here on the boards (besides the mods, they've been here forever :p.

Da world is this?
It's exactly what it looks like. Some Mario characters representing some people here on the Boards.

Also, thanks for the compliments everybody! I've been wanting to draw a lot of you for a while and since I'm on summer break it was the perfect time!


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Well, the character who represents me is my pfp! The Archagent! But, please don't feel pressured to, I didn't mean to force you