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Keep in mind two things:
Mortal Kombat is basically unknown in Japan, if not flat out hated
And the last time Mortal Kombat crossed with a more family friendly brand, the fans hated it, I'm struggling to think of a way a fatality would even work in the context of Smash, you can have Metal Gear, Bayonetta and SMT/Persona work without the more adult themes, Mortal Kombat's claim to fame is how brutal it is

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So it seems like the update messed up SD counts regarding team KOs. Usually you earn a negative SD point for KOing a teammate. While you'll see your points get deducted like normal during a match, the initial results don't show SDs from team KOs but SDs are still counted if you look at details of the result. So, your points are higher than the actual results, and mind you, it still deducts properly during a match.

This didn't happen before I updated the game. It counted team KOs as SDs and properly calculates that score in the results. This is weird.

I thought it was my mods affecting it somehow but this screenie's from a vanilla copy of the game, so yeah.

I wonder what happens if someone racks up a lot of SDs from team kos and manages to get the least points, what will that look in the results?

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Can't wait to have a serious fight with Wesker while Luigi Mansion music plays
Worth nothing, I believe this is the first time that Resident Evil and Fatal Frame content has been in the same game, all we need now is a Pyramid Head Mii

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Wow, no reveal at the Game Awards.

I sat there for 3 hours recording my voice just for the small chance of FP5 being someone I like but I wasn't expecting it. But geez, I expected FP5 to at least be unveiled, whoever it is. There was so much buzz that things were lining up for the fifth character reveal soon.

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I kept my expectations low for The Game Adverts and I was rewarded.



Chill out fellow smash stan you keep having high expectations for everything.

Oh yeah. And fake leakers yapping around. That too, I guess. Big deal, huh?


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Resident Evil confirmed to get new spirits for Smash Ultimate

While this is a hard deconfirm for a Resident Evil rep, it's great seeing their content in Smash Ultimate. Wonder if that means we'll get another Capcom rep down the line...
Ummm...not really. Where does it say Spirits can't be fighters? Neither Sakurai or Nintendo have stated that. Besides they've done a lot of crazy things with their fighters.

In Smash 4, Toon Link is conducting the Spirit Train, yet they kept him as a playable fighter. Mewtwo was a trophy BEFORE they announced him as a returning fighter. And in Ultimate, Chrom is now a playable fighter...yet he's STILL Robin's final Smash, and they made Rathalos into both an assist trophy AND a boss. And if Spirits "deconfirm" fighters, why would Vergeben still make leaks about Geno? Bottom line: Nothing confirms or deconfirm a character because of a placement they're in.


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so fighter 5 is byleth from fire emblem three houses! i dont really mind it honestly even if i dont care much for it
now the mii costumes was the best part of the direct ngl. im happy to see cuphead get in like sans did!!! also.. the assassins creed and rabbids mii costumes might mean something for raymans chances and he seems even more likely for pass 2.... i want him a lot ok


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Smash Bros Ultimate DLC thoughts:
-Joker: Had no idea who this was, but he's looking cool.
-Hero: One of my long requested characters since Brawl, very excited to have him in!
-Banjo: Thought impossible, I'm glad he's here.
-Terry: Same with Joker, glad there's no female variant.
-Byleth: Knowing Sakurai's an FE fan, I'm not surprised. I am somewhat disappointed they closed with him after all those third-parties, but he looks like fun and I'm always for more characters.

Can't wait to see what the next six will be! (I need to get a Switch soon...)


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i want more indie costumes that look just like the actual character now

cuphead is sick


I don't care what anyone says. Maybe there's too much Fire Emblem, maybe "2 many swords", I dunno. But I definitely loved this presentation, as an FE fan. I am satisfied with this and will enjoy Byleth wholeheartedly, and what do you know, I just got Three Houses last week.

For one, it's true that he uses a sword but he now has a lance and an axe, so he's got the WHOLE WEAPON TRIANGLE, + a bow. He looks fun, but as simple as he looks, I feel like he's harder to play than it seems, and one of those characters you have to take your time with to get good at playing.

But by far the best thing about this for me is how even though FE characters have been a part of Smash since Melee, the man still took time to explain his audience what it actually is. That made my day, and I am so happy now. And there were those little things he referenced here and there, like when he mentioned how Claude and Hilda were also the names of two FE4 characters... it's just... Man, that was great.

Hoo boy.


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I hate this. They could have finished this Fighters Pass with practically anyone else. But no, they chose the most disappointing fighter possible. I had high hopes for this. I'm really disappointed. Some FE fans will be happy, sure, but you already had seven of them and they all play practically the same. This is no different.

At any rate, hopefully Fighters Pass 2 will be better. Not betting on Bandana Dee but hopefully more non-FE first-parties at the very least.