Doc von Schmeltwick's SMAS SMB3 expanded sprites

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
I had a lot of fun with that Blargg so far, yes, and have sketched out ideas for how I'll handle the rest of the family (Gargantua is already underway). I see what you mean with the Big Boo, though mostly the progress I've made with it is "enlarge and smooth out lines." I'm not really seeing the trouble with Dr. Scienstein, It's mostly a hyper-exaggerated version of his animation in WL3. Maybe I could tone down the separation at the bottom. His main problem IMO is that his crazy arms will make his hitbox a little whack, but they look hilarious and fluid when animated.

Paper Moldomré

(Mole-dome-ray). Emphasis on "dome" despite the é.
Seeing a Gargantua Blargg like this really makes me uncomfortable*.

*First of all, that's sarcasm. I'm sarcastic a lot. And this is actually really good. I prefer the flippers more though. Also, the chin needs to be toned down. A LOT.

Paper Mario the First

He is the one and only....
Chin sizes look lopsided to me, probably because the angling of the chin is inconsistent with the body and rest of the face. Is it meant to be even and symmetrical?

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
It's meant to look like it's jutting out but at the same time wrapping around its body somewhat. The line marks the middle, and is roughly in-line with the area between the nostrils. Anyways, it's also heavily stylized, and that didn't hurt M&LSS's sprites ability to change direction. The lips are more asymmetrical-looking than the chin to be frank.

Paper Ray Trace

The flattest and most real Paper Mario character.
Curious but what program do you use to draw sprites?

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
Man, I haven't updated this in ages.
Anyways, have a Bookend.
Bookend flap I.gif

Though it's acting more like the flying books from the 6th generation console editions of the first three Harry Potter games. Ah well. It'd get the teeth and stuff when it bites.
There's also a "removing self from shelf in background" animation, but it's much less impressive.


Justice is not limited, it is a universal quality

Some assorted fish of the Cheep variety.
I am not sure if this is considered a compliment to you, but these sprites look like something you find in Yoshi's Island DS (and Touch & Go).

Thank you for reading.