Doc von Schmeltwick's SMAS SMB3 expanded sprites

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
For the past year and a half, I've been working on a project involving making sprites of enemies in the SMAS SMB3 color set. The exact goals of this have evolved much over time; this same project actually led to me joining the wiki, as I wanted to find some reference artwork for a Cleft type, and noticed a glaring error on one of their pages, the rest being history.

Much of this evolution can be seen on this Spriter's Resource thread:

But for now, I'd like to post some more recent stuff. For starters, this Bony Beetle!

So yes, the palette is SMAS SMB3-based, the sprites themselves heavily-edited from SMW, and the way the shoes are assembled invokes SMW2. The turning sprites, which I haven't shown yet due to having not added shoes to them yet, are in DKC amounts. I also haven't shown the "spiking" sprites for the same reason, and still need to make the "falling apart" sprites.

As for the design of the Bony Beetle I used, I went with the classic design, but with more modern colors. Basically, there's a pair of tiny little Buzzy Beetle feet in each of those shoes. Might have some bones fall from the shoes in the falling apart animation, but I haven't gotten there yet....

This animation has a total of 10 frames, by the way. Compare to the original's 2.

I'll show more sprites here later, I want to work on animating them a bit more as well. ;)

Jolly DönerMax

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I think the right foot on the Bony Beetle needs to be nudged higher up on its walk animation or tweaked, especially when it's getting dragged along the floor; otherwise, to me, IMO, it looks like it's limping.

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
@LGM That's actually the idea! The original 2-frame animation looked like it was taking a half-step then a full-step, and I decided to roll with it. Mainly because it's a quadrupedal skeleton with detached feet inside of giant shoes, so I figured I could make it invoke the original a little by having it step awkwardly from that.

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!

On a whim, decided to (hastily) make a Jelectro. It's fully-custom, not at all edited from the original. Also tweaked the base design a bit, being black with white spots like the original NES sprite, but with larger tentacles like the artwork. Though unlike the artwork, these are actually attached to the body. I figured a Hothead-like "zappy area" looked more electric that the original's "outline changes color a bit," so I gave it one of those. I took a bit of design cues from the successor Jellybeam (namely, the rim around the bottom of the bell), while the eye movements are inspired by the idle of Pneumo/Jellybob from Wario Land 3.

Anyways, if a game comes from these ever, I'd like to make Frog Mario immune to electric things like this, because it's a scuba suit and rubber doesn't conduct electricity. Also to make Frog Mario not utterly useless in ways that don't involve swimming fast or jumping extra-high.

I'll probably make ones for Jellybeam, the Yoshi's Story Jellyfish, and Preying Mantas to use in conjunction with these. Lots O'Jellyfish indeed. And possibly refine this one a bit more....
Not sure when I'll next be able to post, this coming week is going to be a busy one for school.

EDIT: Added a quicker version with less superfluous frames.

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
(Anyone who prefers designs of DiC Entertainment, avert you eyes! :waluigi: :waluigi: :waluigi:)

Blargg. Sorta-preliminary Blargg. Plesiosaur-esque Blargg. Leaping Plesiosaur-esque Blargg. Tiny-bodied Blargg. 4-frames of animation Blargg. I'll make more for the "looking from under the lava" actions, and might try refining this one, maybe with some more head and body angles. Currently, when the flippers go down is when it's intended to be pouncing.

I'd like to point out that the original sprites for Blargg from SMW were an utter mess, to the point that they used two nearly-identical (in fact, optically-identical unless you are looking extremely close) colors in their palette (the darkest "yellow" and the lighter "orange") interchangeably and mixed them around. This is much cleaner by comparison.

On a side note, that giant head and anatomically-tiny body makes it look oddly cute. :yoshi: :boshi:

.....anyways, anyone know a way I can upload images here without first uploading them to that TSR thread or somewhere else? When I click the "add image" button, it seems to bring up a URL-insert box....ah, I'm tired anyways (hence my odd wording throughout this message). Enjoy!

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
So I've made a few wonky ones this time. :buzzy:

This one animates much slower than I'd like, as I'm using a limited, yet free, program from 2001 called UnFREEZ to animate these, and this is as fast as it goes, and I didn't want to remove frames. Also, the arms get a bit in the way of some of the animation, but that's to be expected, I suppose.

This one looks weird because it was hard to keep track of trajectory between all of the frames, so the Ice Block starts plummeting rather abruptly. But that's fine, I was actually going for a heavy arc with it, and I think the way I had it slow across the floor was pretty cool. However, if you look reeeeally closely, it appears to arc upwards at the beginning of the I can fix that later.

Once again, was very tired while making these. But I'm happy I could make something from one of Mario's most criminally-underused enemies. :3 :p

EDIT: Due to the large number of frames used, I missed one by accident, due to saving it as a .pdn instead of a .gif. I have now added back that frame.

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
I have another update, and I hope you won't shy away from it. :shy:

Beezo/Shy Away is intentionally tall; it just seemed right.
Shoes are recycled from the ones I made for Bony Beetle.
Not sure where Snufit Ball the bullet thing is disappearing too. Guess that Shy Guy's got an invisible warp field.
My only real problem with how these turned out is that Beezo's wings look a little low on the back when up.
According to people in another community I'm in, the Beezo is "cute," the Shy Guy "looks legit!," and the Snifit is "funky :eek:."
I also have differently-colored versions, but haven't assembled them yet.

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
This is just to show off the mask animation; it would probably be walking much of the time like the Shy, so I figured that would be a tad extraneous. But I see what you mean, I'll probably have it get on its toes to fire, as now that I think about it, they do tend to stop in SMB2 to fire as well, don't they....granted, there's only one red Snifit.....

But I digress. The prototypical Shy Guy sprite animation I made didn't bump downwards ever, looking reeeeeeally weird since it was too smooth. So this shouldn't be a big deal. Also, I'll probably be making other Shies now that I have a base design/height/etc.

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
While I will indeed get to the oversized subterranean smug Eulipotyphla powerhouses at some point, and will finish the pokey Head and Seedy Pod sprites I was working on, I took some time to make an old classic.

Fighter Fly! Based off of that unused Mario Power Tennis model (, and edited heavily from the Super Mario All-Stars sprites (, by which I mean "I edited the originals heavily, cropped them to the head, edited it more, then drew a new body myself." I also added some spikes on top since they can't be jumped on in arcade Mario Bros.

The animation is made up of 43 total frames, with there being 24 unique frames. Sorry the top is so uncompressed, I wasn't sure how high it would go at the outset of making this. Anyways, try to imagine it jumping forwards, instead of straight up.

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
I've had a lot of Programming homework to catch up on while I attempt to scramble out for the (currently underway) Spring Break, so no big update this time, as I haven't had much time to finish things I've started. I plan to perhaps get some Mario Clash things up, but for now, have this.

Don't recognize it? It's my rendition of the Wire Spark/Wire Trap from the Game Boy Donkey Kong as well as Super Mario Sunshine. And quite small. Earlier versions of these sprites looked even more like regular Sparks, having the red mask thing around the eyes and such, but it kept overlapping with the spikes so I changed it to make the spikes appear to be on rotating plates.

If it doesn't look like they're spinning, you might have to look closer. The small size takes away a little bit, I suppose....

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
Spring Break was all right, aside from having to stay at the school for part of it to finish work, getting a migraine headache, and being made to take my brother to what is perhaps the most cliche film I've ever seen. At least we finished the main story of Odyssey now! I let him watch, collected all but like 5 of the moons as they became available, never used Hint Toad once. Anyways, regarding animated things, I have this to show.

Remember the Rotating Blocks from Super Mario World? Anyways, I have them start out as a thick block, and as it rotates, it quickly shrinks into a panel, before retracting back outwards as it comes to a stop. I also gave them bigger eyes because I think it looks better.

Now aside from that, I have a bunch of random stuff in various stages of incomplete, as well as some parts of previously-animated things that couldn't be part of the animations, primarily turning sprites.

And before I forget, comments are appreciated, just by the way.

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!

Back again, finally. School had finals, then I worked to finish Odyssey, then finally started Pokemon Moon, and am now on vacation to Yellowstone....anyways, a lot of distractions.

The moles I made months ago, but hadn't posted do to the fact that I never finished the feet and arms.

I made the Mega Mole via my own design by drawing it from scratch based upon parameters made by comparing the size my Monty Mole sprite with the SMW one.

The Mega Monty Mole is simply a doctored x2 size version of my Monty Mole, and the Morty Mole is heavily-edited from it.

Also of note is that my Piranha Plants are about the same size as the original Piranhacus Giganticus! This is because I based it off of its current official artwork relative to the pipe size in said art. There's also a.....started version of Hootie the Blue Fish and Bungee Piranha.

There's also some Shellcreeper heads....Mario Clash can really come in handy!

I managed to animate my renditions of the classic arcade barrels, but that's all. Blue Barrel side I haven't yet due to my own laziness and the fact that I haven't been able to use my computer much due to being in the park most of the day.