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So I've made rosters and such. I also have vehicle and course concepts.
I'm going to kick off the thread with my most recent creation: the Coldsmobile.

The Coldsmobile is an ATV for New Mario Kart, which I assigned to Ice Bro. in my character/vehicle/course list. As you can see, it's based off a real-life snowmobile.
It's a bit different from the usual ATVs (and vehicles in general), in that none of the four tires turn. The ski arms do the turning instead. And the large tread itself (in the back) doesn't actually do anything. It's just for show. But it does move.
The character emblem is on the hood. There is a small, white snowflake debossed into the underside of the tail.

The Coldsmobile comes in three different color schemes, as showcased in the left column.
  • Light blue, dark blue, and orange, with a white windshield
  • Black, light green, and yellow, with a yellow windshield
  • Red, purple, and white, with a lightish red windshield
Which color scheme would you go with if you were in Mario Kart?

The left column shows the side view of the Coldsmobile. The right column shows others. By row:
  • Front view on the right, back view on the left
  • Top view
  • Bottom view
I couldn't be bothered to put tires on all of them, so I just put Standard Tires on the blue side-view to show where they go. I also couldn't be bothered with putting the emblem on the side view. Just the empty circle.

The name is a portmanteau of the word cold the car brand Oldsmobile.


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Reize said:
I can already tell I'm gonna like this thread.

I would go with the blue-and-yellow color scheme personally
Thanks for the compliment!

Did you mean the blue-and-orange color scheme?


Koops, King of cowards.
Well it is the only one that's blue.

Nice Drawings anyway! Keep up!


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J-Yoshi64 said:
So I've made rosters and such. I also have vehicle and course concepts.
Aaaand I might as well get the roster out of the way.

It's undergone lots of revisions. Every time I thought it'd be the final version, but NOPE, some months later I'd get a better idea.

So yeah, 80 characters, plus the Mii. "New Mario Kart" will have 12 racers like in Mario Kart Wii and 8. The 12 default characters are Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Toad, Toadette, Koopa Troopa, Peach, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Wario.
I wanted Waluigi, Daisy, and Rosalina, and the rest of the babies to be unlockable. So Toadette won the default char slot!
As for weight classes we have feather (light blue), light (green), medium (dark blue), cruiser (red), and heavy (dark grey). Medium and heavy obviously have half as many characters as the other weight classes. Mainly because I ran out of candidates.

I have come up with unlocking criteria for all of them, but for the sake of space, I'm not going to put it on this list.

From DeviantArt:
Feather-weights (light blue)
Column 1: Baby Mario1, Baby Luigi1, Baby Peach1, Baby Daisy1, Baby Yoshi1 2, Baby Birdo1, Baby Wario1, Baby Waluigi1, Baby DK, Baby Rosalina (accompanied by Polari)
Column 2: Toad1, Toadette, Koopa Troopa1, Paratroopa1, Boo, Dry Bones, Shy Guy1, Goomba1, Lakitu, Toadsworth

Light-weights (green)
Column 1: Peach1, Daisy1, Yoshi1 2, Birdo1, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, Noki1 4, Pauline1
Column 2: Bowser Jr.1, Larry Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Koopa Kid1, Kamek, Baby Bowser3, Monty Mole, Spike1, Kip, Kass

Medium-weights (dark blue)
Mario1, Luigi1, Wendy O. Koopa, Iggy Koopa1, Hammer Bro.1 5, Blooper, Candy Kong, Kalypso, E. Gadd, Gearmo1

Cruisers (red)
Column 1: Donkey Kong, Funky Kong, Waluigi, Kritter, King Boo1, Ludwig von Koopa, Roy Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Sledge Bro., Sumo Bro.1
Column 2: Rosalina1 (accompanied by a Luma1), Lubba, Wiggler, Flutter, Cranky Kong, Wrinkly Kong, Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Pianta1 4, R.O.B.1

Heavy-weights (grey)
Bowser1, Wario1, King K. Rool, Wingo, Petey Piranha, Queen Bee, King Bob-omb, Goomboss, Klump, Kludge

Mii1 6 (gold)

New Items
Yoshi Egg
: targets racer ahead of the user, similar to a Red Shell. Upon collision, releases three items to lie on the track as obstacles or power-ups. The items released can be: Green Shell, Red Shell, Mushroom, Bob-omb, Star, or Ball. (not really "new", per se, it has the same function as in Double Dash. No Birdo Eggs this time, though)
Ball: rolls around on the track in straight lines, bouncing off walls and karts. When a kart is hit, that kart suffers no damage, but is bumped in a semi-random direction. The Ball vanishes after a set number of bounces (I was thinking eight). When lying on the ground, starts rolling upon first collision with a kart (the first collision counts as a bounce).
Barrel: same size as the Bowser Shell in Double Dash!!, it travels in a straight line plowing through Karts and obstacles. If a driver is hit, they lose their items. The Barrel is destroyed when it hits a wall, or an equally-powerful item or obstacle.
Pink Boo: searches for the racer with the best item, then steals the item and brings it to the user. (replaces Boo as an item)
Inky Piranha Plant: obstructs the view of drivers ahead of the user by spitting ink. Hangs from the top of the screen. (replaces Blooper as an item)

1These characters will have alternate costumes available (some of which include alternate names and character emblems). Alternate costumes can have the same voice clips, or some may have filtered voice clips.
2Yoshi will have his modern voice, Baby Yoshi will have Yoshi's classic voice (think Mario Kart 64).
3Baby Bowser is light and not featherweight because that shell probably makes him slightly heavier than the other babies. Just a head-canon.
4All alternate costumes are still the same gender. Sorry, no male Noki or Female Pianta :shifty: The latter do run the Shop Mode, though! :)
5All the Bros. (minus Sledge and Sumo)
6The slot for the Mii, regardless of the Mii's weight, will always be after the column row of the Heavy-weights. Additionally, you may choose any Mii. Even better still, you can record your own voice for your personal Mii's vocals, as well as 5 other Miis! However, vocals won't be heard in online play, except with friends.
7Only Triple Shells circle the vehicle. All other triple items remain the way the were prior to Mario Kart 8.
I will post a list of the alternate costumes, some of the character emblems as I make them, course maps as I make them, and details regarding this "Shop Mode" that I keep blabbing about in the "Things to Add in Mario Kart 9/the next Mario Kart" thread, among other things.


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Poll Committee
Late but I think I would go with the black and green kart.

As for the characters, I applaud you for leaving off​one very specific character. *coughpinkgoldpeachcough* Also, who's the character in the very bottom right? He looks like some kind of shark or something.


If you find any good Marie fanart, send it here!
I don't really see the point of having both Bowser Jr. and Baby Bowser since their current designs are practically identical aside from the bandana.


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J-Fred said:
Also, who's the character in the very bottom right? He looks like some kind of shark or something.
That's Kludge. I figured he'd make a great heavy weight character.
Luigi 64DD said:
I don't really see the point of having both Bowser Jr. and Baby Bowser since their current designs are practically identical aside from the bandana.
In a perfect world, they wouldn't be exactly the same. I'd have Baby Bowser modeled without horns and with more teeth, and also a differently shaped snout. Basically more akin to his Yoshi's Story design.

In fact, I wish I'd just gone with that artwork for his box.


Cosmic Beauty
I feel like there's a good amount of inconsistencies with the weight classes. One example is Cranky Kong, where his current portrayal is not as large or as bulky as Donkey Kong; he feels more like a middleweight character. Similarly, with Lemmy being the smallest Koopaling, he feels more at home being among the lightest characters.

Also, I'm not too keen with the idea of implementing more baby characters, as Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, and Baby Daisy seem to be enough.

As for your Coldsmobile concept, it does look like an interesting ATV-type vehicle.


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The Clef Bike

As you can see from the name and the drawings, it is designed after treble and bass clefs (not to be confused with Clefts).
This thing actually went through several design changes before ending up like this. Originally it was just going to be a kart that was just based on a treble clef. I had trouble figuring out how to make the design work as a kart, though, so I changed it to a bike. THEN I had trouble figuring out where to put the handles. That's when a bass clef came up to me and said, "Hey! What's the deal with you not including me?" So yeah, that helped. And the dots on the bass clef ended up being the headlights.

I made a small handful of palette swaps. I colored the wheels, too, because this was made with Mario Kart Wii bikes in mind, rather than MK8's custom tires. The swaps we have here:
  • Red and black with yellow wheels
  • Yellow and green with dark blue wheels
  • Green and orange with white wheels
  • Light blue and pink with light green wheels
  • Brown and white with orange wheels
  • Black and grey with light blue wheels
I tried to design the six swaps to keep every New Mario Kart character (and costume) in mind. Obviously characters typically with a dark blue color (such as Ludwig or Waluigi) would have a different palette swap than the light blue one (Ludwig would have the green and Waluigi the black).


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Reize said:
Ah, your kart ideas are so cool! All I can come up with are track designs, so much applause to you, my friend.
Funny you should mention that. Say hello to Birdo Circuit.

It's shaped like her bow lol. I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't done this yet.
The first track in New Mario Kart's Star Cup!
The starting/finish line faces north (the top of the bow).
The lower curve of the bow's "knot" is elevated, and the upper curve of the "knot" ducks underneath the lower curve. That makes sense, right?

The environment of Birdo Circuit is heavily themed around Super Mario Bros. 2. Even the music has some nods to said game.


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And, of course, you gotta have Rainbow Road.

A staple of the Mario Kart series. In New Mario Kart, the race begins at the top of the map (facing right), and goes downhill to a glider section above a later part of the track (don't fall!). Then it continues going downhill to a cannon at the bottom of the map, which shoots the racers high up to the next part of the track, which is near the elevation of the starting line. Then it's downhill again to another cannon, which fires up again to the last curve before the finish line.

I should probably mention now that, in New Mario Kart, characters are put into invincibility frame after being shot out of cannons. AS IT SHOULD BE.


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f-ck mario said:
could you add a three blue shell to the new mario kart?
I didn't know Satan posted on forums :p
I like your ideas, well most of em. I dislike getting hit by stuff on launches but IMO it's a necessary evil. Lightning is pretty useless otherwise IMO. I also like your roster for the most part but if you're going to have Boo and King Boo playable I think King Boo should have his Luigi's Mansion appearance, also not every main character needs a baby counterpart. I like the inclusion of Goomba King. Personally with that much diversity I'd have a few more RPG characters but I'd take this over Nintendo's rosters any day :)

Rainbow Road sounds like it would be so much better than the manmade one in MK8.


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Fawful & Cackletta said:
I think King Boo should have his Luigi's Mansion appearance
That's actually one of his alternate costumes, purchasable in Shop Mode for 200 coins. Luckily, by the time you unlock King Boo (beat all 32 standard staff ghosts in a race) you probably have enough, assuming you haven't bought anything else yet.


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J-Fred said:
I made a Donut Plains 5 once, would you want to see that?
I'm interested!


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Mario: Fire Mario, Metal Mario, Gold Mario, Tanooki Mario, Dr. Mario, FLUDD3, Shadow Mario

Luigi: Fire Luigi, Vanish Luigi, Silver Luigi, Kitsune Luigi, Dr. Luigi, Poltergust 5000, Cosmic Luigi

Peach: Retro Dress1, Sunshine Dress1, Nurse Toadstool1, Soccer/Football Gear, Striker Gear, Sporty Shorts, Sporty Miniskirt, Winter, Sporty Retro Dress, Cat Peach, Leotard, Pink Gold Peach

Daisy: Retro Dress1 2, Soccer/Football Gear, Striker Gear, Sporty Shorts, Sporty Miniskirt, Winter, Sporty Retro Dress2, Leotard

Pauline: Torn Dress1
Yoshi: Red Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Cyan Yoshi, Purple Yoshi, Orange Yoshi, Black Yoshi, White Yoshi, Brown Yoshi

Birdo: Red Birdo, Blue Birdo, Green Birdo, Yellow Birdo, Purple Birdo, Orange Birdo, Black Birdo, White Birdo, Brown Birdo, Grey Birdo

Toad: Blue Toad, Green Toad, Yellow Toad, Purple Toad, Captain Toad

Rosalina: Retro Dress1 2, Cosmic Spirit1, Sporty Miniskirt, Leotard
Luma: Yellow Luma, Apricot Luma, Blue Luma, Red Luma, Green Luma, Luma Co-Star

Wario: WarioWare

Bowser: Dry Bowser, Fake Bowser, Meowser

Iggy: Retro Hair

Bowser Jr.: Mask On, Blue Mask, Blue Mask On

King Boo: Mansion

Boom Boom: Spiked Shell

Hammer Bro.: Fire Bro., Boomerang Bro., Ice Bro.

Sumo Bro.: Boss Sumo Bro.

Koopa: Red Koopa, Blue Koopa

Paratroopa: Green Paratroopa

Goomba: Galoomba, Tail Goomba, Cat Goomba, Bone Goomba, Gold Goomba, Goombeetle, Jack O' Goomba

Koopa Kid: Red K. Kid, Blue K. Kid, Green K. Kid

Shy Guy: Blue Shy Guy, Green Shy Guy, Yellow Shy Guy, Pink Shy Guy, Black Shy Guy, White Shy Guy, Aqua Shy Guy

Spike: Stone Spike, Snow Spike

Noki: Red Noki, Green Noki, Purple Noki, Noki Mother

Pianta: Dark Blue Pianta, [/i]Pink Pianta[/i], Purple Pianta, Brown Pianta, Green Pianta, Yellow Pianta, Orange Pianta, Sunglasses Vendor

Gearmo: Blue Gearmo, Red Gearmo, Grey Gearmo, Silver Gearmo, Gold Gearmo

Baby Mario: Diaper

Baby Luigi: Diaper

Baby Peach: Singlet

Baby Daisy: Singlet

Baby Wario: Diaper

Baby Waluigi: Diaper

Baby Yoshi: Red Baby Yoshi, Blue Baby Yoshi, Yellow Baby Yoshi, Pink Baby Yoshi, Cyan Baby Yoshi, Purple Baby Yoshi, Orange Baby Yoshi, Black Baby Yoshi, White Baby Yoshi, Brown Baby Yoshi

Baby Birdo: Red Baby Birdo, Blue Baby Birdo, Green Baby Birdo, Yellow Baby Birdo, Purple Baby Birdo, Orange Baby Birdo, Black Baby Birdo, White Baby Birdo, Brown Baby Birdo, Grey Baby Birdo
1Dresses are only wearable when the women are driving karts.

2Daisy's and Rosalina's retro (beta in the latter's case) looks also include their old crown and hair.

3Along with FLUDD, Mario gets his short-sleeved red shirt AND the Sunglasses Vendor's sunglasses and custom shirt.

Italics signify that the character's name on the menu and rankings. It also signifies an altered character emblem (except for Gearmo's* and Shy Guy's emblems), be it a mere color change or a completely different shape.

*Gold Gearmo and Silver Gearmo have their own character emblems.


Dry Bowser
Don't even have the decency to include Pink Gold Peach as an alternate costume.

I like the rest of your ideas though. <3


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Auburn S said:
Don't even have the decency to include Pink Gold Peach as an alternate costume.
I'm considering PGP. And Verdigris Daisy.


If you find any good Marie fanart, send it here!
If Pauline's only outfits are her normal dress and her torn dress, what does she wear when she's on a bike?

BTW I like how you're including stuff from all parts of the Mario universe.


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Luigi 64DD said:
If Pauline's only outfits are her normal dress and her torn dress, what does she wear when she's on a bike?

BTW I like how you're including stuff from all parts of the Mario universe.
Well, Pauline has her own biker outfit. The dresses aren't available on bikes and ATVs.

I tried to be as inclusive as I could. My logic: It's a fan concept, I might as well go crazy with it! There are a few things I did leave out, though lol for the sake of hypothetical space.
The only thing that I can't include is a Paragoomba alt, because I give winged characters separate slots (hello, Paratroopa and Flutter!)