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having past games get hd remasters on switch would be nice. super mario 64 and the two galaxies would definitely be some of my picks, but i guess some of the rpgs might be good too. especially ttyd, it's so expensive to get that game legit now

Mak N sauce

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honestly, as much as I liked plying super Mario 64, I would like a brand new version of it where there are much more fun missions and secret stars

Paper Yoshi the SSM

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I don't care what Nintendo does for Mario's 35th anniversary. They can do nothing and I'll be fine. Of course, if they do something, then I could be happier. But if it was only Nintendo Switch stuff, then it doesn't really matter to be in the first place. I chose the last option.


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Option 5. I'm not talking about the rumored remasters--yeah, I know it would be awesome to play 64/Sunshine/Galaxy on Switch, but the former got a pretty good portable remake already, and the latter two aren't in desperate need of one at the moment. But I really want to see the five All-Stars games remastered in HD with the NSMB engine...heck, maybe even the Land games on top of that. I can see all of them benefitting heavily from it.