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Wicked Clown-nak

Too Fat to Release
As of right now, I think it's deserved.

When Paper Mario shows that Sticker Star wasn't a one-way street to never having original characters or storytelling like the first 3 games again, then maybe I'll have an easier time accepting the game for what it was, but as of now part of its identity is that it stripped the series of all the reasons I loved it before this game, and these things have, for the most part, not returned yet.

It's ironic that Tanabe, the same man who has insisted multiple times they have no intentions of having original characters or making games like the originals again, is the same person who was quoted at the time of Super Paper Mario as saying "Of course, this being Paper Mario, I asked the team to keep the RPG-like story" (paraphrased as idr the exact quote). I want him to either go back to that mindset, or bring in someone who will.