Most Notable Mario Fanart?


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This is an interesting fan game: it's called New Super Mario Land, and from the name, you can tell it's based on Super Mario Land (GB). Unlike most fan games, this one is made from scratch, which means it's not based on the Super Mario World engine. Since the developer has a reprogrammable Nintendo Power cartridge, he/she is able to copy the game onto it.

The homebrew developer utilised the less-popular New Super Mario Bros graphical style in favour of sprites since he's a fan of prerendered sprites ala Donkey Kong Country and the clean look of the New Super Mario Bros games.

Another notable thing about the multiplayer is that it has four players, and it's basically four Marios with different overalls, based on Mario himself, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi. The developer mentioned that the main challenge is implementing multiplayer since unlike the New games, it doesn't have a zoom function to show more of the screen in case players travelled too far. Not to mention there's maintaining the framerate.

An interview could be read here:

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Super Mario Land without it's distinct backgrounds and enemy designs feels weird.

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Have you ever wanted to ship Mario or Luigi with an amine girl? No? Well too bad there's a great drawer who loves "giving the Bros waifus~"

Sadly, this person does lewd things. But what makes them humorous to me is the fact that Mario/Luigi just dunno what the heck is going on.

Here is some cleaner arts this person has made!

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that image of M&L Mario made me think to call him AlphaDream Mario


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Wario and Waluigi being Scrooge and Marley respectively is brilliant casting, along with Mario and Baby Mario being Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim. I kind of thought that (King) Boo would have been the better Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, given how its shadowy nature fits an actual ghost the best. I know Pete was the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in Mickey's Christmas Carol, but I think that played out better for being an unexpected character.

Is Luigi supposed to be the character that is Scrooge's nephew? If so, then that's funny.

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If one doesn't know about Wario Blast, one would find Wario tormenting Bomberman to be a strange choice.

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