The discord thread


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Lucoa said:
Okay guys I'm wondering since we have discord we should put our account stuff or whatever.
Wait, there's a Mariowiki Discord server?


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We had to revoke existing links to the actual mariowiki discord server because of a recurring troll. invite link is


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who'd be interested in someone as dumb as me


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on that note i'd also be interested, already posted my username i guess

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Idk how much this thread is getting necrobumped...

But I FINALLY made a Discord account.

Mister Koopsy#7326


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I have no idea what the hell im doing with and like every link in this thread is dead.


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My Discord tag is RDSP#1549, I'm far more active on there than I am on here so if for some reason you want to talk to me... there you go lol