Video game series that should come back?


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Me ranking Galaxy as the second weakest 3D Mario has nothing to do with the game being bad, but just how great the other 3D Marios are in comparison. In my book, it's a solid 8.5/10. And yes, I've beaten it, and I stand by my opinion that it's too easy.

And no, I don't feel that I have nostalgia bias for Galaxy 2. Rather, I feel that I don't have that nostalgia bias towards Galaxy 1 that nearly everyone else has, which could be considered a bias in itself. The only game I would truly call myself biased towards is Dream Team.

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Command & Conquer, and not a shitty phone-

oh....i can't believe th----oh ea will just fuck everything up i know they will


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Baby Luigi said:
Command & Conquer, and not a shitty phone-

oh....i can't believe th----oh ea will just fuck everything up i know they will
For what it's worth, the EA guy who leads the project really do seem intend on making it right. He's been super active on posting on the C&C subreddit and the big name fans they've hired for their "player council" have said EA actually applied all of their feedbacks regarding visuals and balance changes

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F-Zero really needs a reboot. I is almost two decades since the last game.


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Given how Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash is basically like an ultimatum of the series' future, it's unlikely that Chibi-Robo will be continued due to its lack of success. Despite this, I do hope that Chibi-Robo is given a second chance by using the gameplay from the first game.

Another game series that should be back is Balloon Fight, because the general concept is sound: the player floats in the air on balloons and pop other balloons (or avoid the hazards). I think it works well as a kind of a massive multiplayer PvP game similar to the battle royale series, which would be the best direction for it. Besides, Joust is super unlikely to return so it's not like the original will compete with Nintendo's take on the concept.

Also, I would like Popcap Games to do another Bookworm Adventures, because RPG battles using words as a means of attacking is done best by it. The problem with Letter Quest is that it felt like a weaker game even though it has quantifiably more to it (like upgrading stats and added challenges), since it felt a bit mediocre due to the lack of offensive augment options.

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It's pretty unlikey at this stage, but F-Zero is a series that deserves something more at the very least. I know that the older games were released on the virtual console and whatnot, but if this is truly the end, we should really get one last hurrah.


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Megaman. There have been Legacy Collections and Megaman 11, but the series isn't truly back. What should they do? A crossover fighting game, duh! I mean, what else can they do besides non-canon stuff, the series is over and done, there is literally nowhere to go. Or, they could start fresh with a new continuity, but, I mean, that's just too good to be true. But, I mean, that fighting game'd be really cool. As long as it plays like an actual Megaman game and doesn't suck like Street Fighter. #CapcomSucks