Video game series that should come back?

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This is the thread for game franchises you want to see brought back from the grave.

Personally I want to see more Mega Man games in the future. The Legacy Collection is a step in the right direction but some games that aren't collections would be nice.


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legend of dragoon

although it was only one game it did a much better job at a action command system with combos then i think paper mario did, and was generally good at most things.

It had its flaws but the positives were just too immense compared to its negatives, great game that id like to see as a series but oh well.


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Crash Bandicoot, it's almost shocking that we've had new entry since 2008. A reboot is well overdue.


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Eggerland/Adventures of Lolo

It will never happen because they're too simplistic and there are way better puzzle games today anyway but I still want more.


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wario land

I'd say warioware but that ashley game is looking more and more likely /s


do you ever yearn for the soft touch of a pancake
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related but thank fuck zero escape finally got ZE3 otherwise i'd add that here as well


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I'm a broken record at this point but F-Zero.

200cc anti-grav Mario Kart doesn't cut it. Thank goodness for games like FAST Racing Neo.

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Rayman (needs a new platformer, the mobile runners, while good, don't really count)

Elite Beat Agents

Advance Wars

Metal Slug

Kirby Air Ride (needs a sequel dammit)

Spore (where's my Spore sequel!!??!?!)

Mario Strikers

Mario Baseball

A good Mario Party game


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Glitchy said:
If FE was able to make a comeback I don't see why they don't bring back Metroid or F-Zero.
Metroid would be probably possible if they went serious like they did with Prime or Fusion.

Those are my standards if I don't want to be disappointed.

So yeah 2D metroid should aim to be better than Fusion and 3D metroid should aim to be better than the Prime Trilogy. (Federation Force doesn't exist to me mind you.)

F-Zero might be a little bit complicated... maybe if they added some nice side thing like a mode where Captain Falcon bounty hunts or something or maybe a story mode to flesh out the characters some more.


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Comeback? Was FE ever gone at any point?

I was under the impression that it's been continuous since the NES days.

And as I've said before, Metroid should not come back, at least not for a while.